What can we see on each Byte?

So I noticed a lot of apps, as they are changing their formats, have had things like # of views, date posted, # of likes, disappear. Some apps are probably just working through technical glitches, while others may have embraced this as a permanent change.

Feedback (Such as ‘likes’) is an important part of my process as a creator. Sometimes feedback is hard to receive, but it’s a valuable thing that empowers me to grow and push myself as a creator.

Likewise, I noticed some looping video apps have gotten rid of being able to see when a video was posted. While some may not think this matters, (and I get that in some sense it doesn’t; as a creator it’s my job to be aware of what I’m posting and be putting out consistent, quality content, not focusing on when other people posted their videos), but I still can see some beneficial value in being aware of videos were posted.

For example, as a creator some times its important to pay attention to trends. If I see a video and it has a ton of feedback, or no’ feedback, it may be beneficial for me to know when that particular video was posted. Was this a video from 6 months ago? Was it an hour ago? It could make a difference in what I put out as a creator.

In summary, I would love to hear that byte is still showing # of views, # of likes, # of “revines” if that exists in some way in byte, and also the original time stamp of when the video was posted. Thanks!


I’m not sure whether you have seen the screenshots of the app or not, but the amount of bytes and overall likes gained are definitely visible on the creator’s profile.


Great question bro !


True…I don’t get why “date posted” is not visible on TIKTOK…not sure what purpose does it serve …if the pros really do outweigh the cons


I totally agree, insights are so important for us to succeed


You’ll have the option to show this info. :+1:


Byte will have all thag info available so you can see … so no big deal

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Like Annam said, it’s been confirmed that there will be all of those standard metrics on profiles and individual bytes, but you can toggle them on or off

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I’m fairly certain you can toggle a lot of those things off on your profile, such as loop count, follower count, etc.

As far as that information on individual bytes goes, I honestly don’t know if they’re planning to allow us to toggle loop count, like count, etc. on and off. If you think it would be helpful to have the option to turn it on and off for individual bytes, definitely suggest it! :smiley:


Awesome thanks for all of your responses!