What Can We Do To Keep Byte Thriving?

As of today, I decided to no longer repost my content from other apps to Byte, and to not post my Bytes to other apps. I genuinely want Byte to succeed in the long term. I think the team is doing great by listening to its userbase and developing the app further before focusing on advertisement, so I want to try and help on that front in a way I easily can. My idea is to post content exclusively to Byte. I have a decent small following on TikTok and I informed them of this today during a livestream. I will be talking about Byte every now and then to try and drive more viewers to check it out.


I’ve pretty much stopped posting new stuff anywhere but on byte.

I’ll post on Byte and then later post to IG, but the community and developer involvement is much more appealing on byte TBH.


Been long since I’ve seen a. Update :frowning:
I hope the development is still going strong

You’ve seen this right? We're revamping channels

Do what I am doing. I am actively doing things that are creatively engaging with people outside the byte community such as visiting fellow discord servers, tweeting under the byte app gaming handle twitter.com/byteappgaming and soo much more.

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