What Can We Do To Keep Byte Thriving?

I’ve seen a lot of people worried about the state of Byte lately. I would be lying if I haven’t been pretty upset as well. It seems as though as of late the app has fallen off a bit. Not really sure why that is, I’m no expert. I do have a question though.

What can we do? How can we help? @dom

This is a completely serious question. It just feels like I could be doing more but I really can’t. I want this app to take off. I want the app to not just exist but thrive. I know I’ll do what it takes to keep this app going, I hope you all will too.


Keep creating and spreading the word of Byte, and maintain positive energy is what we can do, I think.

It is true that Byte needs to do something to stand out. I feel like there’s a lot of “Catch Up” to do for Byte compared to Tik Tok and Instagram, which have been here for a while.

I do feel like for this year, Byte needs to

Lay Out Basic Features

  • Effects and Editing (They don’t have be spectacular, just basic)
  • Direct Messaging
  • Profile Configuration

And Market “Partners Program” once the Partners right now get paid in August. This, they have to market this. Not even like million dollar marketing, but articles on on journalism companies like TechNow, BuzzFeed, NowThis, and more. I don’t think new effects on Byte will be marketable, Tik Tok and Instagram have amazing effects as well, so if people hear they can make money, then they will jump on Byte.


Hot take, I think the content needs to improve and I think the users now need to be better consumers.

I know I can’t make a gem every time, but I think I focus a lot on quality control before I hit the post button. Some nights I see a 6 part rant on the comedy section that just has no substance. In vine this happened all the time but the good stuff stuck out and circulated more to leave the spam vines in the latest page.

The other part of that is just being good consumers as creators. From a creator perspective you need to engage with posts the way you want people to engage with your stuff. You have to give more than you’ll receive. The opposite of this is if you like every single thing on the latest page (which includes actually watching it or not). When you do that, you’re being supportive of all users but not filtering out better from worse for the algorithm.

There are black hole users out there who do all the engagement but use it only as a means to suck in as many views and follows for themselves. They have no intention to follow you or watch what you make. They just hit the like button on everything for the chance that you’ll do what they won’t. Follow and watch their material.

Edit: with all that said I think there’s a lot of positive stuff out there and I check back every day to look for someone new who I am a fan of


All of this seems like solid stuff. I just feel a lot of people as of late are really down and it’s affecting the output of content on the app and I want that to change.

I just don’t want people to give up. We gotta keep posting, keep having fun, keep promoting the app, nothing comes for free. We have to help this app succeed, each and every one of use

Yeah the whole, “follow for follow” and stuff like that is a joke. As far as content goes, there are many creators just spam posting nonsense without even thinking about it. Which in all reality is completely ok it’s their space to express how they feel. It doesn’t benefit the app but hey if it makes the consumer happy not much we can do there.

It’s still very early on in the life of the app so we got some time to grow and improve and to weed out all of the bad content it will come hopefully

Time to contact the news medias’ again


I have exams this month and there are finals (American thing). Considering the demographic of the app, maybe that could be a part of why engagement is low right now?


Makes total sense. Didn’t think to factor that into my thinking. Thanks for bringing that up. Good luck with your studies and exams btw :call_me_hand:t2:

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We’ll get there soon enough. We’re the pioneers! I’ve seen the future and I saw the fall of Tiktok and millions of creators with no home. When this happens… It will flood for 40 days and 40 nights. RIP VINE, LONG LIVE BYTE!


Honestly I think one of the best things we can do is make stuff people want to watch. And part of that is not liking videos we don’t genuinely enjoy. I have found myself liking videos just because I like the person or because the video was ok, but tbh that’s not doing anything to help the app or those people do better. Trying to make sure I’m not liking bytes that aren’t good to me, even if it’s by someone I like as a person.


100% :point_up_2:


I totally agree with this. My self confidence comes into play sometimes though cause y’all are fantastic and I’m like bleh but whatever.

I think positive criticism, original ideas, a clear idea of like what “you” are about ya know? Cause your aesthetic, comedy, music, however you choose to express yourself should reflect who you are.

If you don’t stray from who you are and just have fun. Success will come if it’s meant to be.


definitely. ive been so busy with school since april ive barely had time to even open the app

actually vine has a lot of bad content. there were a few good ones that came out of the woodwork. this app isn’t to be popular. it’s to have fun. i might make shitty content but i do it because i have fun.

If you didn’t enjoy vines then that’s your opinion. I was surrounded by viners who made content I loved and because byte is so new, I have not found that yet.

Everyone should be here to have fun, and you don’t make bytes to be famous. It just happens if you’re really good at it. I agree with you. But everyone’s idea of fun might be different. I want to see good content, so if there’s a lacking amount of that then I have less fun. I think there’s a low retention rate of users because of that reason. I love to create so I’m still here.

I never made any judgement about any individuals content. I’m sure yours is better than you think.

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i mean i was fairly young but i remember that a lot of vines were bad. i feel like some people have a nostalgia filter on vine. but i like a lot of the content on this app

What we can do to help is by staying calm and relax. I feel like we have plenty enough time for Byte to blow up and get out there. It’s still in it’s earliest stages. It’s been about 4 great months already just let it take it’s time.

Till then we’ll continue to support each other and we’ll continue to make content. Just don’t forget to be yourself and I’m sure everything will come together smoothly

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I know Dom says it’s the content and he has concrete evidence to prove that by way of those exiting the app (exit surveys), but from my personal point of view, I disagree. If a newcomer were to go on “Popular Now” right now, they will enjoy the large percentage of the first 25 videos shown. I know I did. A lot of effort put into them and great variety, too! And it’s a shame that he’s planning on getting rid of “Popular Now.” To me, that’s where I find the best vids. They should move it to the top, then “Spotlight” (and do a better job picking those videos out. Some are good, others are ehhh), and get rid of “New & Trending” (it’s algorithm makes zero sense and is just too random). Make these changes and make Byte videos more dependable on load and wait times and you have a winner that stands a chance. None of this will be done. It’s just what I would like to see as someone who is both a heavy creator and a heavy consumer (would be heavier if it worked better on my T-Mobile phone).

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With all that said I have this excellent feeling about Byte and about Dom and his team. I like how he’s so quiet about things. I’m kind of going into this with blind faith and I just feel confident he has something up his sleeve that is going to propel things greatly. I’ll be on this app through thick and thin for that reason. I trust the man! If he says he has a plan, he has a plan!!

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