What can we as creators do to bring more engagement onto byte?

As any creator will tell you there has been a significant dip in engagement since the first month or two. But before I get into that I just want to thank the creators that stuck around even after the dip especially those who didn’t get accepted into the partner program. That kind of dedication and effort is what I miss from creators anywhere on the internet. So thank you.

Now we all know that byte has been in a steady decline recently and I thought that if we all just keep posting eventually people will join slowly over time. However I’ve noticed that the community has become more creator than audience members and by audience members I mean people who don’t post but are still actively liking and commenting on others. I’m worried that eventually every user that’s on byte will be on there solely to and try to become famous instead of going on there just to be entertained. Because when that happens no ones going to be able gain an audience, not even the byters at the very top regardless of how funny or talented they are.

Now what I’m asking from everyone who’s reading this (because more likely than not you’re a creator too) is ideas for a plan. An actual plan that we can all put into effect to try and bring more people from outside of byte into it. I am especially hoping to call the attention of the really big byters because we will not be able to do it without them. I have some ideas on what we might be able to do but seeing as how I’ve never had a large following on any app I tried to post skits on, I lack the experience and know how to execute such plans.

I am willing to talk to anyone about this but realistically without the support of large and/or partnered creators I don’t think we stand a real chance. I love byte and the creators on here and want them to get the recognition they deserve. I’m worried that if we don’t do something this app will eventually fizzle out and we’ll have nothing to show for it. During this time a lot of us are under quarantine and I feel like it’s the perfect time to do something because we all have the time and energy to come up with something. I have been thinking about this a lot and truly believe that with the help of creators and even the developers we can make this app something great even greater than vine. If you have any ideas or are interested in this in any capacity please let me know I have so much more to talk about and want to learn more about how we can help eachother out. Thank you.


As creators, I think all we can do is as follows:

  1. Keep creating (probably the most important) - so that when people come onto the app, their “Your Mix” page will be filled with high quality content. Also, some Bytes might (or might not) accidentally go viral and spill into the real world outside of this bubble. Imagine if Kathy Bates from Misery caught on and spilled into Twitter/Reddit/Instagram. It’s like how the “Hit Or Miss” girl spilled out from TikTok. Don’t force it though.
  2. Tell your followers from other platforms, but not in a way that’ll make them not like you. Telling your TT fans “TT sucks, catch me on Byte” is not gonna work. Phrase it more like “hey I know you guys love my TT content, I’m making some really awesome stuff on Byte too, and would appreciate it if you came and checked me out there.”

The reality is that we can’t do much. If you tell people to come to Byte, they’ll check it out, but they have to like it to stick around.

People in this community have tried a lot of things. Dylan reached out to his 1.3m followers on TT. Henry and Emma did the same thing, and got over 1m views on that video. The Twitter campaigns like #Byte and #BytesBack, etc. Unfortunately none of these are realistically sustainable.

I guess the thing is, people have got to like the app first and foremost. And from a creator stand point, the only thing we can do is keep making good content.


Completely agree. I feel like part of the reason for the decline was because when the app first came out almost every byter (myself included) unanimously took the stance that byte was infinitely better and that you couldn’t have both apps. We felt as if we had to pick a side, and because of that we lost almost immediately. To new people coming to byte it probably didn’t help that every popular byte was essentially the same joke tik tok=bad. some people probably saw that and assumed everyone on here was unoriginal and left almost a week later.


Yeah I also think it’s doing a disservice to always compare byte to tik tok or vine. Because then people come here expecting every video to have that “vine quality” or it to have all the features that tik tok has and it doesn’t. Also gives the vibe that we’re trying so hard to be better than vine was and better than tik tok and that’s annoying. I think making sure people talk about Byte and it’s pros without comparisons is important. I think it’ll take time as the apps features get better for it to attract more people including more in app editing. Also I think the fact we have hashtags now and limited time category where we can all share in a meme like Kathy bates or given a prompt give our take on it is a key thing that has gotten better and connected the community that is here even more. As long as we focus on byte being as good as it can be in itself, when the time comes it gets more attention again, people will stick around because of how it’s improved.


I’ll share this thread :hugs:


I think making good content is the number one way creators can contribute to the growth of byte. If byte has lots of quality content, it will grow organically which is the best kind of growth.


I think it’s because the dev. team are probably relying on nostalgia to get people to download the app. (Which in a way kind of worked.) But they also need to make ads for the app to help put it out there more. That’s just my opinion, so please take this with a grain of salt.


This is my opinion, please read it before attacking me for it
The app needs to be advertised. It’s hard to stand out as a new creation platform when Tik Tok and Youtube are currently the giants of the industry. Without advertising, word of mouth marketing only goes so far and will eventually lead to fatigue for those who are pushing for others to download the app. Fatigue in the mind of the user leads to discouragement and loss of immediacy/excitement. The app is still in the growth stage of the PLC (product life cycle) and without any major push of informative marketing the app will suffer extremely slow growth and possibly even a premature death. I also believe the first wave of the partner program could have been pushed back 1-2 months so the money spent on the partner program could have been utilized for marketing expenses. Also, the world is in quarantine which means phone usage is at an all time high. 1.5 months ago would have been the ideal time to create an entirely new marketing campaign to seize the opportunity and pick up tons of new users through social media marketing. I know its not right to call shortfalls from the back seat, but being educated in this field makes it so much more painful to talk about. I’m sure the Byte team has some great and skilled people in their marketing department but I’m just not seeing a push to market the app.


For anybody who mentions byte marketing, I’ll gladly quote this to help and inform you guys. :grin:


You’re right, but we’re just not there yet. As has been noted in other forum post, some where Dom has responded directly, the app still needs upgrades that lead to retention.

I don’t think it’s a content issue, there’s some talented people on here, but tools (comment upgrades, Byte Beat controls, etc) need to be added before you start marketing. Otherwise you’ll get bumps in users who then just leave after.


to be clear, there is also something that is sort of a content issue. for any given user, the amount of content they don’t want to see is way higher than the amount of content they do want to see

that’s probably true of any platform but we don’t do a very good job of acknowledging this. this leads to people seeing a lot of stuff they don’t want to see, over and over. the #1 reason people have told us they leave (via reviews, emails, and survey responses) is they dislike the content


Create. Promote yourself to friends and family who you’d want to see your creations or create with you. Look for content you won’t find on the front page and promote that.

My knowledge of what goes on in the big picture is more than limited, but if you’re a creator and want byte as a platform to give you an audience then besides checking the quality of your own stuff, promoting your peers who have great work is the next best thing you can do.


Creators in the partner program and those consistently getting pushed absolutely have to stop toxic behaviors.

I find if someone is getting higher views they tend to follow and unfollow to essentially inflate their numbers at others expense. It isn’t fun to have to go through and see who is trying to take advantage of others. It devalues the experience greatly.

That means the top talent isn’t really talented. Just the least ethical of the crowd. Partners should be viewing, liking, and commenting consistently. The content should be original also. I see repeats too much.

What that means is if I see one with a sponsored video I won’t watch it.

Kids are big users but parents who care about their kids, aka the ones with bigger budgets, are not going to necessarily allow their kids in this environment. The derogatory language towards woman or minorities especially. Even if it is the minority saying it, not ok. I think parents would allow the use of byte if the environment was safer than tiktok, it is partially because there is no messaging, and it’s a US company. This really does matter when you are talking about the ability of a stranger to see into your child’s room and around your house.

We’re reaching a point of technological advancement where our life online is the downtown, city hall, community centers, etc of the past. We have to become more polite towards others. There are plenty of places to post videos of nude people or strippers or whatever wouldn’t be ok in your local city hall.

The way for byte to stand out is to step away from the standard YouTuber mentality of hounding for views, have genuine mutual engagement between creators and fans, and a better environment overall. The social can be seen as more valuable than the features of the tech. The features matter little when the app is constantly broken, can’t get help, and the people are toxic or fake bots.


Interesting, is this something current creators can work on, or does it just boil down to a combination of things including algorithm tweaks and tools so that people do get to see what they want?

To reference one thing I do like about TikTok, it’s their “My Mix” page being something you can cater to by category as you first use it, so you can say I like “Music, Art, Pets” and get shown mainly those things.


I would like to say that if we truly want byte to grow,

  1. CONTENT:we need to create extremely unique and quality content exclusively found on byte, I have seen many incredible bytes on the app.
    2.COMMUNITY:keep the community a welcoming and supportive place for brand new and existing creators, some creators even thought of making trends to welcome new users.
    3.CREATORS:we need to work harder as creators and show to other platforms that we too are creative and very talented users.

Thank you for your input! I remember seeing that when it was posted 2 months ago :smile:

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I made a long post a few days ago on my thoughts about what the app itself could change to try and increase CONSUMER, not creator, retention, because that’s clearly the target, but what we’ve been seeing (like you said) are a majority of people sticking being creators and not consumers.

Essentially, I summed it up into two points: an announcement or boards page in the app to better communicate features and changes to consumers (most consumers don’t use the forums or know they exist), and a big idea on the implementation of an economy feature to keep people coming back for more and have a more tangible external reward for using the app.


Promote and share stuff you enjoy.
Obviously, promote your own content, but don’t be afraid to text friends funny byte videos.
Tweet out relevant ones in conversation if you can. If there’s a trending hashtag which relates to a byte you’ve seen? share it out.
Post it to your insta stories with credit. (Tbh, the whole insta stories bit is how I’ve watched the majority of the tik tok content I’ve seen, as I don’t use the app.)


Have to agree. Insta stories are huge right now for tik tok


I think the problem is Byte is just so new and it’s very difficult to get people on board with the amount of social media apps out there. I mean you go on someone’s social media (this applies to nearly everyone) and they’re like, “hey make sure to follow me on youtube, instagram, tiktok, twitter, twitch…” and 9/10 times you’re literally seeing the same content on each page. It’s kind of like, “okay, I just saw your video, why do I want to go follow you on another app to…watch it again?”

The tough thing about that is getting people on board. I’ve probably gotten 5 friends to download Byte but it was after much convincing. I mean I have like 2,300 followers on IG and 2,000 on Twitter, and I believe about 400 on Byte…so I can post a Byte and “only” get 180 loops, but on Twitter that same clip can get 600+ views–really it just boils down to more eyes=more views; whether the content is good or not is nearly irrelevant. I’ve been actively using Twitter for maybe 4 years now and Byte for maybe 4 months, so there’s a massive difference. Hopefully Byte sticks around awhile–there’s always a craze going on so maybe if we can get like The Rock or Beyonce on here, things will pick up lol