What can V2 learn from YouTube / other social media?

There was a video released today of Casey Neistat interviewing Youtube’s Chief Business Officer and talking about concerns with creators, media controversies, and other social media topics.

I want to hear from you about what V2 should do to grow, in light of this interview and the latest social media news; it’s imperative to understand how other social media platforms perform and find ways to improve the way an app/social media engages its users/creators, audiences, and partners.

@dom we would like to hear feedback from you, too :blush:


That there are social networks for children’s content and not

I think the big one is really to stay connected with your creators. Listen to the people, and they will stay and grow.

I think just be a non discriminating platform that listens to everyone’s ideas/the majority and don’t make any big sudden changes without others opinions on it?

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Sure, that’s important; however, it will become harder to stay connected as an app grows and a bunch of things are flying around on the app (posts, teams, new or controversial developments) so how are we going to stay in contact with our fellow staff? (Forums could work, but this would require a more sophisticated approach)

@ThomyBalca not all media is for kids, for sure. But how can we make sure they don’t see that content when the idea of social media (according to YouTube’s CBO) is to offer freedom of information/speech? They’re going to see it somehow, whether it’s changing their settings or discovering that content in private?

@amelia I like how users should be prepared for any changes and be allowed to voice their concerns, since they’ll need to be convinced this change will not hurt them. How do we propose to keep these non-discriminatory practices when the app grows and more diverse or critical voices join the conversation?


Well there should be terms and conditions that say that u can’t post content that discriminates and people can report videos…


What if someone sees a video that had no intent to discriminate or cause controversy but gets backlashed? An example of this is one of Pepsi’s old ads that featured a Jenner and involved the police to promote better treatment of police officers; that turned very terribly, even though some people saw no issue with it before or after release

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There will always be videos that get backlashed even if no harm was meant :woman_shrugging:t2: If the person actually posts something saying mean things then it should get removed and a warning should be given. I think their should be 3-5 strikes where the user is banned from v2 if they’re constantly being mean. If their reports and strikes were a mistake Dom should apologise and let the person back on


That seems fair. There was a previous topic that discussed how troublesome creators would be handled, and I feel the same way about getting an apology for a mistake made. I don’t think Dom alone should apologize (could have been someone else or a group of staff), but definitely an address to the problem and resolution would be appreciated

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Good points made!

I agree that having a connection between staff and creators will help a lot! Maybe their could even be a committee made up of staff members, influential creators and regular users. Maybe also include representatives for the advertisers as they are also an important party. Big changes and problems could be discussed within this committee allowing for many necessary perspectives.

Regular Users can be chosen via application with basic requirements such as 18+, knowledge of social media, etc. As far as creators, I would say they should be invited to apply if they meet a certain criteria and there should be a mix between “advertiser-friendly” creators & “not exactly advertiser-friendly” creators.

I think Youtube should open a dialogue between creators and advertisers as well. There is definitely a big disconnect there and that might help the two parties understand each other.

I also think maybe V2 should/could incorporate a way for creators to make money through their own supports vs advertisers such as tipping as many have suggested on here. I think there should be requirements to enable that feature however, not just available to anyone and everyone.

When it comes to youtube and monetization, I don’t think many creators realize that an actual entity is paying them. Whether it be Volvo or Mcdonald’s, there’s a brand paying for the advertisement and it’s understandable that they don’t want their ads playing on certain content yeah?

So having another format of monetization would be great for creators who aren’t “advertiser-friendly” and would probably prevent trouble due to advertisement changes

Novel lmao

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Let me read that in the morning, and I’ll get back to you :sweat_smile::joy:

Dom said there would be a platform for connecting devs and creators exclusively. Now, there could be a community manager to make sure issues are being seen daily, but I don’t think we should overthink this. I’ve full confidence dom and his team are thinking this over as we talk and don’t wanna jump the gun on any topic until they have a sure fire strategy in place

Their needs to be a good connection with artists, no matter how big or small they are.

Instagram can keep their “comedians” to themselves

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