What can I do to make funny bytes

I used to create videos on vine but I feel like there’s a different energy on byte. How can I create funny content that will be admired on byte. Should I be creating videos that are more like tiktoks instead of vines?

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No. Do why you enjoy. It’ll be much easier to make good content if it’s interesting and enjoyable for you to make than if it is like what everyone else is doing. Plus I am more likely to follow people who stand out and don’t do what everyone else is doing. Good luck have fun


I agree with @CubeOfCheese just do what speaks to you and have fun that’s what I try to do lol but I’m sure whatever you put on the app it’ll be good if it’s what you enjoy :pray:t5::100:

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You should get out of your bubble to try other things but ultimately do what you like. The main thing that carries your content is the writing and your personality. Do what you like and are good at, but don’t be afraid to step outside your bubble.

If you don’t get tiktok humor, you have to learn it before you use it or you’ll look silly.

Experiment with loops and making jokes around sounds and songs

Remember basic joke structure. Situation, set up, punchline. Use as little time as you need. Don’t use 10+ seconds to set up one punchline. It won’t payoff.

You can breakdown “being funny” but you can’t force it. Be yourself and find what works


Make what you like.

I make stop motion


Bad memes


Time lapse

My best byte is literally something I filmed on a whim of a butterfly flapping in slow mo. Like 2 seconds real time.

Still has more loops and likes than anything else I’ve done. :man_shrugging:


Sorry to sound like an ass but from the looks of it, the tiktokers want music videos lol. But my personal advice? Just make content you enjoy, or maybe experiment a little and see what people like.

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