What Bytes Would You Make with Unlimited Resources?

ring, ring, ring

“Hello, this is the CEO of Disney speaking, is this _your name here? Yes we love Byte so much that we would like to give you as much money/equipment
to make bytes as you want. That’s right, unlimited money and resources. Cameras, lighting, studios, costume experts, movie stars, entire orchestras, editing teams, any props you need, ferraris, tanks, rockets, at any filming location on Earth or even the Moon. You name it we got it. You direct the bytes.”

What would you make?

Personally, I’d like to make some artsy type bytes floating through space with some experimental type music.


I think something like a short film that’s like spread apart over like sixteen seconds at a time if it doesn’t get removed.


Disney: So, what do you need
Me: Ok team, here’s the deal. You are gonna watch Fake love by BTS, every Loona video, every Dramcatcher video and pretty much every Kpop video made in the last 3 years. Now go and design me something with that level of production, lighting - costumes - make up - everything included.

Ok jokes aside I have a couple of ideas written down that I can’t do and won’t be able to until I can get together a large group of people and get some locations lol, that would be great


You know when this whole virus is done and there’s a Byte meetup we could use all our resources together to make pretty good stuff

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nah man, I live in Argentina :laughing:

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Maybe Byte will sponsor the plane ticket :eyes:

That sounds awful. Why do you want to make bytes based off of an industry that’s more toxic than Disney is as a company?

Boi have you ever SEEN a kpop video? The production levels are outstanding. From hairstyling to makeup, costumes and props, sets and lighting, editing and design, video concept, everything… they are some of the best crafted things to happen in the entertainment industry


I’d just split the next marvel movie into 16 second intervals and post the entire thing to my account. Now that Disney’s ok with that, Boom, free movie that someone will probably edit together and take all the credit for “leaking” afterwards.

Maybe you should start A-Pop!

I fantasize about it lol. If I had those levels of production, you would catch me trying to push my countries’ music waaaaay beyond the current status quo of it

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What are some good Argentinian artists right now? I’ll listen to some

… no idea dude. I haven’t liked my own culture’s music since I was like 12 and as soon as I had ways to listen to other stuff I tuned out completely lol


road trip across the country stopping at all of the best attractions.


Id make some artsy bytes for Disney but itd be cooler to make some :soccer: artsy bytes for any company… :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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Honestly, the same kind. I might buy some fancy art supplies and maybe take an online course in animation.

I also want a better phone and a fancy scanner.


They’d be very different. My piano posts would all be shot in 1080p or better and have different backgrounds and environments, for example I’d be wearing something like a tuxedo in a castle-like environment if my post is classical themed, or in a mock jazz venue etc.

I’d also make my production clips accompany short nonverbal stories. I’d have cameos for skits, and make the travel video I’ve been imagining for more interesting visuals. One idea involves being outside of a famous Vegas hotel while panning to a plane in the sky, then through creative transitions “teleporting” directly into the plane while looking down at the hotel I was just standing in front of.

I’d also have animations done and anything that feels right in the moment to enhance the music I create and tell a story with a beginning and an end. Long story short, people would never know what’s next and love every second of it.

Great topic :slight_smile:


I’d have another person other than me in the video.

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I’ll eat a sandwich

they’re expertly crafted, I agree. But a lot of the culture is pretty toxic with beauty standards, how some of the power relations are handled, and ofc the abuse that goes down behind the scenes.


if we don’t have any of that nasty stuffs, hell yeah a music video like that would be awesomee