What byte needs

So I’m listening to WORDS, WORDS, WORDS by Bo Burnham right now, and it finally dawned on me. WE NEED BO BURNHAM TO MAKE BYTES! I say we storm his Twitter in 48 hours, what do you guys think of that plan?


Let me know it goes :stuck_out_tongue:

@BROJANGSTER while your at it, bring over David Dobrik. That would really launch the app forward.

I don’t know if harassment is the best course of action.


Bo made stuff for early vine. I’m pretty sure if he had any real interest in the format he would’ve kept doing it


lets storm his twitter. he can’t stop all of us! lol jk

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yeah, I love Bo but he dipped from Vine after a few months & I believe his last ever post when it was announced Twitter was shutting it down was something along the lines of “Vine was fun for like… 5 minutes”. It doesn’t look like he’s all that active on social media anymore, either… his last tweet was in June 2019.

If we want the big hitters to be using Byte, we need to be the first ones to make it worth being a platform to perform on. That means creating genuinely creative content :sweat_smile:. Spamming a celeb’s mentions, no matter how well-intentioned, will probably have an adverse effect and switch them off ever using Byte, which isn’t what we want!

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exactly if we want byte to succeed we need to be the ones to get byte to succeed. I have been learning myself this lesson overtime. People in life are not expected to help you with anything and when that happens you gotta know how to do it yourself.