What Byte is doing well: what are your 8 favorites?

Unedited notes on what I see Byte doing right:

1- I think the categorization of content here is amazing.

2- I think Byte is building community in unprecedented ways by focusing on content and creativity over popularity. (No blue check marks etc).

3- I think by keeping the following and followers lists private is a brilliant move because it allows people to follow based on content created and not personal profile etc.

4- No private messages: I love them on other formats but I have 6,000 or 5,000 or 9,000 I can PM on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn I do not need another PM inbox to watch. (From a company perspective it makes #3 more effective too.)

5- keeping the number of things public limited and highly focused on Bytes and Rebytes. You can see by 25-50 Bytes and through 25-50 rebytes far more than any profile you can write. The Byte and Rebyte then keeps focus on content creation and appreciation.

6- The camera is simple to use.

7- Allowing to save to picture roll helped a ton too.

8- Having a forum with great people such as the ones that you see bellow that post 8 points that they see Byte is doing well right now.


Yo, that’s a great list, dude :point_up:t5:
I dont have 8, cause I can’t count that high, but I love that there’s actually Forums that are active and positive. Not one Hater in sight :telescope:


Wow THAT’S A GREAT LIST​:+1::+1:


Hopefully dom sees this :ok_hand:t4::fire:


Number 8 :pleading_face::raised_hands::heart:

But yeah i agree with them all. byte is doing a lot right now and even more cool things to come in its future.

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