What are your thoughts on streaks?

In my opinion, streaks are the worst thing that’s ever happened to snapchat. It takes away the conversation aspect and makes people go crazy for a little emoji and a number. I mean if you talk to someone everyday and they happen that’s fine but when you just send two or three pictures a day and don’t have a conversation, what’s the point? (Side note: when people celebrate them it’s even worse but we can save that for a different thread)

If you have streaks:

  • They happen naturally
  • Have them, hate them
  • I would die before losing my streaks

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If you don’t have them:

  • I think they’re silly
  • I struggle to keep them alive

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I think the streak idea is cool if you put effort into it and make it about something. I hate it when people take a picture of something pointless, like a black screen or something, for the sake of keeping a streak. For me though, a couple of my friends have moved away from where I live so I like to send them daily snaps of what I’m up to that day.

I think that’s a great use of steaks- to update people on your life. Do you think the little number and emoji has an influence on you keeping them updated?

I suppose not, but it’s always kinda nice to see how long you’ve been keeping them up to date. I like the little achievement of contacting the friends I don’t see much daily. Before I started doing the streaks I’d talk to them maybe once a week if that? It’s a strange little thing, I get why some people think it’s pointless though cause I used to think that too :see_no_evil:

“…im sure we’ve all been there. Waiting for a reply from someone, maybe even for a few hours, just to open it and all it says is “steaks” or S is lazily drawn with marker. My question is why are snapchat streaks so illusive. they are so sought after and hitting 100 days with your “friend” is like winning the lottery to some people. Its funny because the most determined poeple to keep streaks are the least determined in every other aspect of life. Is it to compensate for a lack of real friends or motivation in life. Do social media accomplishments give someone with not many redeeming qualities a sense of worth? Why exactly are streaks so sought after? I know hundreds of people who keep hundreds of streaks, people who give their log in to their friends JUST to keep streaks, i just dont understand the appeal. When they first arrived in 2014 i was intrigued, but after seeing the repetitiveness and how people define their friendships with streaks over an actual bond is crazy to me. The number represents their friendship, not the connection. Is snapchat an addiction? …”

I agree, I dont think v2 should have streaks. It should be about the CONTENT, not the amount of likes or whatever.

Literally the first thing I do when I wake up is send streaks

And I hateeeee it so much tbh :tear:

The rare mornings when I wake up and forget are actually nice… Until later when I’m spammed with people screaming at me to send streaks

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Saaaaaaame honestly I started streaks with my friends because they made me and it’s sooooooo time consuming :joy::joy::joy:

Hahaha today i lost this with everyone, with a friends i was 250 :sleepy:

Snapchat is just for tenangers and kids, its very boring when you have a lot of time in the app. Yes i know a lot of people who get crazy when they lost it and i dont understand how can a number change so much his life, because a lot of persons make the imposible for dont loss it

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Are you going to try and get them back? Do you care greatly about streaks?

What i did? What i did wrong?

I dont know, I’m going to take a break from snapchat