What are your thoughts about artists transferring to V2 from other platforms?

Do you think artists with huge followings on other social media’s will have an unfair advantage towards relatively new artist with no previous followings?

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Well said :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

So let me say this, I do have a big following on instagram already, and yes In a way it really is going to help me, but on the other hand people might not be interested in someone’s vine so they will only follow them on instagram
It’s not because you have a following that people are automatically going to follow you somewhere else

It doesnt matter, everyone starts from somewhere and just because you have a small following doesnt mean other people woth big following should not join a new platform. This is unfair.

I think that in a way they do have an advantage. However, if v2 promotes other people’s videos, I think it will give other people an opportunity. I think the reason why people know only big influencers like Liza Koshy, Jake Paul, and others, is because YouTube promoted it more than other youtuber’s videos, and the algorithms is set up where if a new Youtuber makes a channel today, and puts out videos today, YouTube promotes it on the same level as other new YouTubers with the small amount of views. Vice Versa, if a popular Youtuber creates a new video, they’ll get like 50,000 views in 5 minutes, so other videos that grow views around that same rate, get promoted in the ‘suggested’ column, and not new videos from newer YouTubers with the same title and everything.

In no way shape or form was I saying they shouldn’t be able to join, that would be unfair. Just checking on the communities thoughts on it :slight_smile:

Yes Unfair . Then what if they ( the populars) decide to abandon v2???

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