What are your plans for Easter/April Fools Day?

Considered my girlfriend and I’s Anniversary is on April first, I’m going to play plenty of pranks on her and then hand her a flower for our anniversary to even it out lol


We’re doing an adult Easter egg hunt… candy & mini alcohols sounds fun.


Adult easter Hunt!? What time should I be there at :sunglasses::joy:

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Probably nothing, I have to work

:joy::joy::joy::joy: I hope early… be there or be square

I like the sound of that :smile:


I HAVE to work -_-

I need to revise for a few tests ffs

I’m going to sit on my ass like a bum if my mom doesn’t feel like going to church

Explain how Jesus had the best April fools joke ever.

“Jesus is dead…”

Jesus be like



I dont thinking that yet, What prank do you recommend me?

Probably at church and then family dinner

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Easter and April fools is the perfect excuse to put eggs in someones shoes… Evil I know

lol dumb jokes on the spot?

I like the idea :smiling_imp:

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Hiding from the world

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Every year my girlfriend and I tell our friends that she’s pregnant and they never believe us. Eventually in the future when she actually is pregnant we’ll tell them on april 1st and we won’t be pranking them but they won’t believe it until its april 2nd and we tell them again hahaha.

For this year, idk I have some ideas but we’ll see if I follow through with them, that’s always the toughest part of anything.

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I love this!:joy::joy:

i’m going to an adult easter hunt in chicago, quite similar to that


Have fun :grin::grin:

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