What are you using V2 for? What is your final goal?

Hey guys, I don’t really know if a post like this has been made yet, but I would really like to here about what some people want to get out of V2. Whether as just an outlet for your emotions and creative insights (like I am doing) or some sort of bigger career plan.

Feel free to share!


Ultimately, creatively fulfill me, help others(maybe the world), and use it to help fulfill my other creative passions as well. It’s not necessary, but i think it’s cool. And it’s fun too! atleast, this is it atm. probably might change.


Because I like the creativity that you can put into a 7 second video I’m mostly going to use the app to express myself


same, absolutely same


Personally I plan on trying to make a few more artsy videos, particularly once I manage to finally start traveling again. Hopefully it’ll not only be a creative outlet, but if I can ever get well established on the platform ( I’m happy if I don’t mind you, just somewhere to be creative is good enough for me ), then I’d like to also do a few more meaningful videos and maybe spread out to other platforms from there. You’d be surprised what you can fit into 7 seconds, and from what we’ve been told about it (hopefully) being released before the end of 2018, the release of v2 should almost perfectly line up with me getting my life back into gear and under control.


Fame. I’m gonna slay at V2


Not to be famous, but to be know… ultimately I don’t really care abt money I just want to be seen by the world, I just want to be able to walk out in public and be recognized… I say that now but if it actually happen idk what I would do.

I just want to be creative and make people happy at the same time ^^

I want to use this to entertain and help people. Not for my own needs

I was a big fan of :vine: and i love the content that the people did, I will use V2 to have a good time on the app and get me known for new people, i am an acting student so i need to be known, this would give a really good advantage in my national industry (or maybe international :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

To find a place to make funny stuff, I use my instagram (@Robbiestilwell :wink: ) to promote my photo work, so I don’t get silly on there.

I’m here for fun and to make people smile :blush:


I really want to use V2 to entertain people and make them laugh, as well as have some fun!

i was very upset bc i started paying attention to vine a month before it was shut down. i waited so long for a comeback so i could join the community… i honestly just want to have fun and be myself. can’t wait thooo :blush:

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I actually made a post similar to this a couple weeks ago :man_shrugging:t4:

  1. Creativity!

  2. Network with people I knew from Vine, and also find new people to follow.

Some people liked Vine because it was basically the best armchair travel platform in the world. YouTube? Forget it. Vine made it impossible for us to bore people, even if we tried. It forced us to keep it snappy!

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I just have a passion for making funny videos! I feel that it’s the perfect way I can express myself! And it’s even better when I can show people those videos and make them laugh. :grin:

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I’m definitely going to use it to fill my creative beast because it’s always hungry, entertain, share my music, and also help my acting career. The managers and agents in Hollywood were really into my old vine account “DeezTwinz”. So, it would be dumb of me not to recreate some of my old content.


I want to have a place to put my music out there (I sing) - I’ve always been kind of nervous and the creation of a brand new platform just seems like the perfect opportunity to get my content out


just hoping to entertain people instead of making them die of cringe