What are the rules/protocols for using another user's Bytes?

For example, say Byter A posts a byte of her singing with vocals only. I really like her byte and I want to save her byte and record me playing a guitar over her vocals. I would also edit her byte to have my video as part of it.

In the description, I would of course ping her (@byter_A) before posting the video.

I’ve already seen other Byters doing this but was wondering how did they go about it.


So, would I need to ask her permission first before saving her video or using it.
Or can I just use all the videos on Byte without permission and then just credit them to surprise them :laughing:

I tried searching this on the forum but couldn’t find anything. If this has already been posted before, please do point me in the right direction. Much appreciated. THanks :smiley:


Most would love being surprised, but to be safe you could comment and ask. If they say yes, you’d probably be free to use different audios they put out in the future


That seems right. Is there a DM feature in byte to do this, or should I ask in the comment section?

ask in the comment section we don’t have dms


Just hit them up on their socials or in the comments, I’m sure they’ll give you the A-okay most of the time :slight_smile:


Theres always other forms of communication, IG, Twitter, or even here on the forums.
Thos DMs on Byte would be lovley


Technically, you could just use it as it would fall under fair use as you are editing the original in some way, but yeah, it’s always nice to ask :smiley:


Thanks eveybody. This really helps. Now it’s time for me to go bother some byters on their socials :laughing: