What are the optimal upload times for bytes?

Okay so ever since I have run my YouTube channel I have it down like this (Still needs work) but m-w Best upload time is 12pm - 2pm est and Th-Sun 12pm-4pm est and I found this out from one user who just suggested 12pm to 2pm so I was kinda curious since I have been trying this and get a little less engagement what are the optimal upload times that work best for you? Because I do get good engagement but I haven’t seen numbers that have gone beyond 50 since that one time I trended in gaming before launch. byte.co/jacobshadowminer you can check out my content and let me know what I might be doing wrong elsewhere if I missed something but I would like to understand better what are the best practices to work it into a good pattern and balance like I have going good with my youtube channels.

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Opinion: Upload anytime that works best for you, avoid uploading popular times that many creators upload or “active hours”.

Thoughts cc @PlasticRice


Is that really the optimal YT uploading time? I usually upload whatever YT videos I make at like 3am EST lmao. Maybe I’ll try an afternoom upload for once.

For Bytes? Primetime in my opinion is always the late afternoon in ES, I would usually recommend 3pm or 4pm EST (but it depends on the day of the week). That’s when everyone gets off work or is done for the day and is ready to brows byte, given you get enough likes…you’ll start trending in a category for enough people to see. @Pac


okay thanks that could work into my YouTube time seamlessly so after YT video comes out then it’s time to release a byte! Perfect!


I have found very little difference. I have been posting from 8:00AM to 7:00PM.

I find there is a little spike during times where people are getting up in the mourning and when they are on lunch, when they get home, and right before they go to bed.

The problem, this is not a universal thing. Morning on the East coast is not the same as the West. So in short, it does not make a big difference. Just don’t post when most people in North America are asleep I would say.


The prime time would be afternoon in the USA pst time. However, when the new algorithm kicks in, i dont think the optimise time would be matter primarily. You may get some instant new users or bots to discover your content, but the new algorithm seems treat all contents fairly. It would recommend to different users, even they are old byte contents


7 AM for weekdays is what I do, only recently got about 50 likes. I don’t know if it’s best or not.