What are features you’d like to see in v2?

how about no paul brothers? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


A verification and monetization option for influential users


i think verification would be nice, but monetization would suck, people would stop using the app because ads become annoying, a solution to that is what happens sometimes, brands pay you for a video, you get a free idea, a new video, and money or product, and they get their ad.


The only thing I wouldn’t want to see with monetization is 30sec ads for 10sec content. Keeping it short would be nice, and not having an ad for every three or four videos like instagram does.


No ads :sob: or if you have to make it like Spotify where you watch an ad then get the rest of the day ad free or somthing

  1. Upload: Dissuade uploaders of duplicate videos (md5 or another check?); prompt to quote-post original video

  2. Editor: Option to add watermarks to videos

  3. Editor: Picture-in-picture for reaction videos?

  4. General: “Kid mode,” to disable uploading, comments (read/write), certain channels (curated/not?)

  5. Likes: Reaction emojis instead of likes

  6. Comments: Option to limit comments to just emojis

  7. Comments: Mute/filter options for uploaders and readers


_the trending page should feature vines for content and not determined by views or follower count
_ the main page of the user could feature a pin system where the user can pin an ad so whoever goes to page of the user can see the ad first
_sponsorship vines and the ability to add links to the description
_the same creators can not be featured on the trending page more than three times a week
_the ability to favorise vines and the more you
You get favourite the more you get the chance of being part creators of the week witch displays your vines in the trending page
_the concept of favorite points you can only have one a day and you use it to favor a vine and the vines that have the most favorite point get to be in the trending page


I’m ready for this app

being able to post from gallery, cus thats how i would upload my edited ones hehe


@Reallyahmed I like your plan. Hope we get this option.

I really hope that they would not include that you can upload from the camera roll. It’s like instagram skits all over again with high production value and lots of sound effects. I miss the beginning of Vine when it was spontaneous, no script and no editing. The greatest Vines of all time came out when the upload from camera roll feature didn’t exist.


I think that you could get into copyright or ownership issues there. People could re-upload. Maybe there could be a function that lets you save it to your v2 profile. Sort of like the “like” section, where you can see all your favorite ones in one place. Maybe it could play like a story, where it loops back to back.

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i have an idea, but it may seem like a little stupid, it would be nice if v2 had a topbar, when the viners you follow upload a new vine, you could click on it and see the new vines one after the other, similar to instagram

the other was to like in the older vine, the new vine have categories like music, funny etc…, but in every category you have a discovery, where you can see new viners, the ones who are not famous.

what do you think?

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Yeah I guess that is an issue. I wonder people would be okay with like an option when setting up there account is asked them

“Do you want to allow other users to save your videos”

And then there could be like a disclaimer saying if you allow this you void all your copyright rights.


That would work! It gives artists the option to allow it or prevent it. For me, I wouldn’t care if someone downloaded my post. But others might.


Idk but i love the classic one (when no long version available)

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It would be cool if they sent out like a “best vines” for each month… kind of like FailArmy. Then at the end of the year there could be a “best vines of 2018” and it’s all generated and chosen by staff


I think one of the best editions would be an advanced editing platform built into the app with almost professional level tools. I would love to see the return of the remix feature where you can take another videos audio and fit it over yours.

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i think this would be so cool, but instead of being a best vines of the month , or best vines of year of your profile, best vines of the month/year from famous vines

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I like the ability to pin something to the top of you profile so if it’s doing well, more people have a chance to take a look at it.