What are Dom’s opinions on byte so far?

IDK if anyone else has asked or tried to ask this yet, but I wanna know what Dom thinks of the state of byte 1 month after release. So far, the app has over a million downloads (even though the low like counts on the trending bytes don’t exactly reflect that huge number), and the bytes themselves aren’t exactly reminiscent of some of the best of Vine, which could just be a case of people trying to understand how to use the app properly (or too much self-deprecating “gen-z/millennial depression humor” as I call it). Dom, if you happen to find this post, how long do you think it’ll take for byte to reach mainstream success and crawl it’s way out of #163 on the Social Network list on the Apple App Store (considering variables like the iffy content and TikTok)? Are you guys working on advertisements or working on more algorithms or other computer science stuff I couldn’t possibly comprehend personally? If you’re comfortable disclosing your opinions on the app, are the numbers as good as you would hope for them to be right now? Do you remember when Vine really blew up so we can make comparisons? Do you guys have any big features that you can disclose? And finally, am I completely jumping the gun because byte has only been out for a month and I should just give you guys time to work on the app and give the future creators and viewers time to find the app?


(i would write an entire dissertation in response to this thread, but I’ll wait for Dom to poke his head in for his opinion before I defend Byte to the death again)

Edit: The man has spoken. Essentially, everything has been answered before, all the way up to Byte’s current views on marketing as well as plateau numbers.

Dom has stated that they’ve been focusing on making Byte more user-friendly for a while, that’s what the team’s main focus is. As far as people who have used vine or were fans of Vine, I think a large majority of them don’t even know that Byte exists, my friends included from Uni and HS who ask why I’m uploading funny 6 second videos of myself to my SnapChat if Vine has died, them not knowing that Byte exists.

Dom put it best when he summed up basic marketing strategy in a previous post:

"you don’t buy ads (or influencer campaigns) until you’re sure that you’ll retain a good portion of the people you’re advertising to. otherwise you’re spending a lot of money on people who try it once and don’t come back. that’s called a leaky bucket and it can be pretty bad for a business

right now our main focus is on making the app better and listening to feedback. when the the time is right we will invest in marketing :slight_smile:" --> link: Byte Marketing

And, well, Dom’s response on Vine’s growth over time is also what I’ve been trying to stress / express as well. Vine had a sizable launch, then completely dipped on the charts for a few months - a year before experiencing a resurgence – and when Instagram released its ability to share short videos as well, it dipped even further. People are out here expecting steady growth and it to blow up into a billion downloads overnight – that’s not realistic in both the scope of app development as well as the development team.

Relax, man. We’ve gotta just ride this wave out. The difference between early vine, which took months if not 1-2 years to really start to grow, is that we have the forums for communication – these forums have been a great soap box for people to voice their paranoia of Byte not blowing up, or things like that. Imagine if people did that with Vine a month into release – it’d be absurd. Dom, the creator of Vine, having worked on an app with 200+ million active users and selling his app to a triple-A company (Twitter), I think he knows what he’s doing right now in regards to the baby steps to take with Byte.

The magic of apps like this is that Vine grew a ton POSTHUMOUSLY after it died – YouTube compilations, Twitter, instagram, everywhere. If it continues and its content is spread, it’s SURE to attract users, unlike a majority of Tik Tok’s content which relies on trend following and lack of originality – getting tons of likes for dancing with lip syncing music doesn’t translate outside of the app, but a super fire Byte/Vine skit of sorts will ALWAYS be funny, no matter who watches it, which is even better for social media. :^)


Just to be clear, I’m rooting for byte and it’s success. I’m just acting a bit more cautiously optimistic


I always gauge how the platform does by google it and reading the news. More news, more visibility :blush:


no worries.

I think we all are curious about something we are all passionate about.
I think the biggest thing byte has going for it is the community. It reminds me of the early IRC chats.
Lots of support, openness, and friendly people.

I’ve seen more feedback, adaptation and improvement in the past month than I have on any other recent social media platform.

I think we are still in the “trough of sorrow”, but the improvements and changes seem to be the right ones and have me optimistic.


i thought v2 got postponed


Dom *

He believes in it!


I cannot wait to see. But I personally love making stuff for Byte every day and even though they are so much room for byte app to grow we still gotta learn to grow with the app.


we are very happy with how things are going. these are good points but almost all of them have been addressed several times already

on numbers plateauing: Engagement Megathread
on marketing: Byte Marketing

i think the only part that hasn’t been answered before is about vine, so let me answer that: vine had a big launch and then dropped off the charts completely. it took months for it to begin turning the corner and move back up the charts. it took another hit when instagram debuted video and it took even longer for it to turn the corner that time

app store positions are mostly based on # of new downloads, which is not where we are primarily focused right now. we need to improve some other areas of the app first


Okay, thanks for responding. Looks like I jumped the gun after all lol

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also, on the content question: there’s a bunch of amazing content already and every week it gets better. it’s to be expected that some of it near the beginning would feel disingenuous or try hard, because it was a big launch with prior expectations. that’s the same reason there was so much spam at the beginning

but as those expectations go away you’ll see more stuff that has its own voice and i think that’s already the case. i personally look at the late beta period and maybe the past 3 weeks as more indicative of where we’re going and ignore some of the stuff from launch week (although there are some major gems from then too). time will do its thing


I agree! If you like making vids keep doing it and save em!