What am I doing wrong!? (Critique me)

I’ve been on this app for like 4 weeks now and my views are more stagnated then ever because…Idk. My joint is not relatable or…a dude is just not funny. Tell me. Critique me? #critiques


Change to #critiques


I’ve been on for probably just as long as you. The content I put out and the amount of likes I get are very inconsistent. However your channel seems to be very consistent with your likes so I’d say you’re just getting better at your craft. It’s good to pay attention to numbers to a degree but if I were you I would just be focusing on your jokes.

Once byte gets bigger you’ll get more followers. However it’s not a race to get bigger it’s a marathon. I’d say you’re already doing great for just being on for one month. Your fans will find you but right now byte is going through a lot of changes so that’s effecting everyone from the info I’ve gathered from talking to everyone.

Keep hammering your craft! Now is the best time to experiment before you have to follow guidelines to get on the creator program!


Will do​:100::100:

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Preciate the luv​:100::100::100:and will do​:muscle:t6:

I just followed you, your content is good, also I see you respond to your comments which is good.

Your only 1 month in, you gotta give it more time.

I’ve been in since August 2019, I’ve had time to build up a fanbase and engage in others content. Give it time, you’ll grow every day.


Thanks Man Preciate it fr fr :100: :100: :100: :100:

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To be fair, if you’re brand new to this whole thing(no prior social media, no following) it will take awhile to grow. I think your content is great, always remember “Not everyone is going to enjoy your content and that’s okay!” Continue to make content, if you’re not proud of a video, don’t feel obligated to post just because you haven’t uploaded in a few days. Keep at it! I’m sure you’ll find success someday! p.s. byte is really new and doesn’t have the novelty of being the first of its kind like Vine did. Don’t give up!

4 weeks tho

But nah you’re right imma keep at it.

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Your content is good to me, I personally think you should just enjoy have fun with the growing process and see what works for you brother. As long as you having fun and just post original content, it will be noticed overtime. The growing process is very lengthy but definitely will pay off in the long run if you just keep posting quality everyday and have fun with it with no expectations. Dont stress about the numbers thats what I learned haha

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Lol ima try​:pray:t6::pray:t6:

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