What about a Trivia?

So, i came with this crazy thought about making trivia’s inside the byte’s, i mean, someone upload a byte with a crazy question about anything and maybe something implemented inside the app or a comment asking for the answer and the user will get like more people trying to answer first, therefore more people participating.
I think that this idea will attract people into the app and “attention” for the person who’s doing it.


im confused by how you worded this can you clarify a bit

The user will upload several Byte’s asking random questions, the “audience” will answer it and the first who answers correctly will get like “1point” and idk after 10 questions the user who gets more points will get something ( not sure or what honestly) and this may work in the comments but it could be better with an in-app option. kind of

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i THINK i get the idea, tho it seems very complicated or im just dumb loolloll

but wonder if itd be hard to develop into the app

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i think that the points thing would kinda ruin the app because what if i make a seperate acount and i follow it myself and answer all the questions correctly and get a bunch of points. but i do think it would be cool like how on twitter you can poll your followers, to do something like that