What about a Creator’s stats view?

I like the stats view, as it appeals to my inner :nerd_face:

What about something like the creator or business view for stats though @dom

  • Audience -
    Growth (plus or minus followers)
    Age range
    Location (by time zone or major city)
    Gender split %
    Followers active times (days or hours)

Better stats to help us determine what’s working and not broken down by category, :heart:, loops per viewer, overall loops, follows, unfollows, click on profile etc.

Just a thought, but one of the things that keeps me on IG is the ability to dig down into the analytics of what’s working, what’s not, and the wtf why is this my most popular post. :rofl:


This is a duplicate but I know analytics is coming soon I can’t find doms post about it, but I know he mentioned it.




Yeah, I know they have talked about it. I guess I’m trying to get a better idea of what everyone thinks are the most important data points.


Ofc, I like your list hopefully they consider some.


Yeah dom did mention that and overall audience feature was coming sometime!


the growth metric suggestions are great and we are definitely working on stuff to help you better understand reach and things like that outside of just followers and per-post metrics

we don’t collect demographic data and the techniques to do that are pretty shady, so I dunno how much of some of those we’ll be offering


Not collecting demographic information makes sense since unless I’ve missed something, the app pretty much asks for no personal information at all, right now at least


I’m all for not going with the sneaky shady demographic collection stuff. It’s a huge part of the reason I’m not on TikTok so thank you for that choice.

I know picking a category is difficult for me every time, because so much of my stuff is a hybrid of categories. Being able to see more in depth analytics helps tremendously in refining and getting a better idea of what works or doesn’t.

I honestly figured they got most of the info from :apple: or Google. I thought that was how they got around the age gate type stuff tbh.