Well it was a fun ride, tiktok has chosen Oracle

TT users will now be complicit in enabling Trump and his cronies. Congrats.


did china approve

Yeah I checked his TT too and I get what he meant



Oracle bought out Sun Microsystems(a tech company based in California) in 1999. Oracle has NOTHING to do with “The Sun” magazine.

Oracle is the second largest software company in the world. Oracle is bigger than Adobe but smaller than Microsoft.
Sun Microsystems developed Java; Java is a programming language that competes with Python, C++, etc… Spotify and Twitter have components that run on Java. I know that Google’s Android OS runs on Java as well.

Oracle is mainly known for its Business Intelligence and HR software. Their software measures productivity of a person at a corporation, etc… They are also known to be a Software-as-a-service company where a corporation will pay to use Oracles software for a set fee(kind of in the same way a person pays Spotify a monthly fee to use their service).

What does Oracle have to gain in the social media space? Are Oracle going to build software that helps a corporation/client find an influencer so that the influencer can market the clients products via a TikTok?

The rumor is that Oracle wants to host TikTok on its cloud services. Oracle wants to use TikTok(since apparently no one knew Oracle had a cloud service) as a marketing vehicle to compete with Amazon Web Services(Netflix and Instagram runs on AWS I think), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud. For those who don’t know what a cloud service is, pretty much Oracle wants to store TikTok user information on its “cloud(which is a physical place)” in the same way people save their own Google Doc’s or upload files onto Google Drive which is hosted on Google’s cloud services.

Fun fact: Amazon looses money on every order you make on their website, their real cashcow is their Amazon Web Services. Perhaps this shows how lucrative cloud services are.


Oh no :astonished: they’re an evil corporation then. Seriously @annam when you said sun I thought you meant the magazine wow I’m so silly

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I have promising news. I think their offer was declined so Tik Tok is done I believe.


:triumph: To be completely honest, in the beginning I was begging for tiktok to die. But I now see triller as the new enemy. Best case scenario is that alt tiktok hates their feed on triller and jumps ship. Dom we need a better camera that is the BIGGEST problem with the app rn


I have a Huawei P30 pro and the quality comes out less in byte when in reality my camera is so good. Is that what you meant by improve the camera

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that’s because androids when they don’t use a specified framework it just screen records the view finder.


We shouldn’t depend on the fall of Tik Tok to be the catalyst for Byte to thrive in the first place, and it’s not just Tik Tok that Byte has to compete with, there is Instagram, Triller, and Shorts very soon, so Byte has a long way to go…

We will see how everything unfolds, what we can do right now is to get our hopes up and continue creating!


This. This is the reason why Snapchat has a lowresolution quality on phones woth low resolution. Snapchat on Android just records a screenshot of the camera applocation, the resplution depends on the resolution of your screen.

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From what I read, I don’t think that deal is declined yet. I think it was saying that Trump and his team may not be pleased with the deal that ByteDance and Oracle came up with. That’s why it’s saying the deal is “falling short of approval” because the deal doesn’t have what Trump wants.

I think that the way the deal is set up know, ByteDance is still the primary shareholder of the US operations and Oracle will own a smaller amount. Trump wanted the opposite. I think Trump wants the US to have total control and Byte Dance to have no shares over the US operations .

The article was saying that although Trump may not be pleased with this deal he has to think really hard before coming to his final decision. Mainly, because if he ends up declining this deal, it would help to solve the security issues, but over 100 million people use the app in the US and it may not set well with people since we are about to go into an election.

So there still is a chance that TikTok could get banned, but it’s not finalized…We’ll just have to wait and see. :pray:

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oh crap. here we go again:)

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Prepare for another wave folks!!! :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

Oh for the love of god another wave? Wait a damn minute if people can’t download tiktok on Sunday that means that people who still have the app on their phone can still use the app

They’re also starting to cap functionality and they won’t be able to update. Not just not downloading.


Interesting but it’s cool the app is fine the way it is. What could get worse other than no more updating

I’m enjoying some of the comments about the ban.

A 13 year old plans to vote Trump out when they are old enough to vote-probably my favorite.

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