Well it was a fun ride, tiktok has chosen Oracle

While the sale is not confirmed, and could ultimately be blocked by the Chinese government, the Trump administration has stated that they would support Oracle’s bid. If all goes accordingly Tiktok US will be a domestic company.

I loved what byte stood for, and I don’t expect it to die entirely. But, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a big wave of users.

Edit: After recent news of a ban taking place on September 20th, the article above is inaccurate. Tiktok will be shut down this Sunday, September 20th 2020


Deal doesn’t include the sale of the us operations. Which was the whole point. Don’t believe this deal will be supported


Oracle is like the biggest Boomer company out there.



RIP Byte, it was a nice journey.


It’s not even close to over. Please revisit board tomorrow when deal isn’t approved on likely the us’ side


Oracle is in cahoots w/Trump btw.

So TT users would be lining the presidents pockets :joy::joy::joy:


No waaaaaay is it actually an old company? I don’t know much about oracle since I’m I’m the UK. When you say boomer it makes me think that they don’t know what to do with a gen z app

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This roller coaster is so dumb.

  1. There are a lot of amazing tiktok creators whos talent wouldn’t work on byte
  2. Who is actually expecting tiktok to close?
  3. Byte needs a PROACTIVE update that’s sticks out instead of holding onto things for when there’s a new user surge

I totally agree with you there’s a flaw that needs sorting out. Just cos tiktok might shut down doesn’t mean the users will stay. Algorithm for example. Do you agree?

Do I agree the algorithm for displaying content needs a change? I’d say yes, however I’d say that’s a lower priority because it’s not an exciting update and algorithm updates need data. The data byte gets is very limited and doesn’t apply to the new waves of users who stick around for 3 days.

I think when you look at the other waves of byte users they complained about the algorithm for not showing them alt content exclusively.

  1. Alt content didn’t exist here before they showed up, there was nothing to show them
  2. Alt users wanted to exclusively see alt content, and even went so far as to try and take over the app through a harassment campaign. It’s extremely exclusive and toxic as a whole.
  3. Alt tiktok is a culture that was made in tiktok. For them to have stayed this app needed to be copy/paste tiktok but just for their special group.

A more exciting change might be something with camera quality and features, or another form of partner program showcasing ways this app can be used. A new partner program is a carrot on a stick for people and motivates activity and growth


There’s a lot we still don’t know. Some sources say that this isn’t an outright sale, China could block this move, or if it does happen, Oracle’s pro-Trump CEO will ruin it so badly that people are fed up with it. Now we just continue to sit back and wait.

Man I’m so confused on what’s going on. I googled it and went on twitter and some saying oracle partnered with TikTok, some say they didn’t, and some said it wasn’t decided

Ok, so tiktok US is partnering with Oracle but that doesn’t actually remedy the national security concerns, but the main fear is that Trump will approve it anyway because Oracle’s Co-founder supports and donates to him. Basically Oracle has buddied up with Trump and it may pay off.

i’m pretty sure oracle owns the sun… and we all know how crappy that site is


Are you serious? They own the sun? That magazine is shite like the articles they come up with nobody wants to read. May as well delete the app

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What kind of talents? TT POV content? I’m just curious

The tiktok videos I like I would describe as absurdist comedy. I think they are very creative and artistic in their choices for jokes, scene transition, and dialogue.

It’s easier to show than tell though, all my liked videos on tiktok are public. You can just search my name there. I think they are hilarious and concede that their type of content doesn’t fit on byte as it exists now.

As of an hour ago, it’s unofficially approved: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/15/cramer-says-trump-administration-will-approve-oracle-tiktok-deal-tuesday.html

Ahh ok thanks. I’ll check out your TT then.

I’ve checked it and understand what u mean now. I hope it changes very soon though.