Welcome to the byte community forums

It’s always a bummer when the people behind online services and the people that actually use them are disconnected from one another, so we’re trying out these forums to see if we can do a better job at that. If you’re here, you’re (hopefully!) excited about byte, and we’re excited to have you.

Please, please, please read everything in this post and in our other staff announcements. We would like discussion here to be clean, civilized, kind, and inclusive. Part of that relies on you reading up as much as you can before participating.

What are these forums for?

Hopefully a lot! We will of course be creating our own posts to gather feedback and discuss ideas we have, but we anticipate that much of the conversation on these forums will be initiated by the community itself. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are a few ideas:

  • Artists and creators: your experiences, hopes, and dreams
  • Viewers: meaningful conversation and analysis about your favorite kinds of videos
  • Your thoughts on online video in general
  • Your ideas and wishes for the service
  • Improvements that we could make to this forum to make it more fun and easier to use

Always be civil regardless of who you are or what you’re posting. Which brings us to…


You’ll find a lot of boilerplate on our Guidelines page (it came with this forum software), but most of the points made there are points that we agree with and plan to enforce.

Most importantly, DO be polite and DON’T be terrible. If you disagree with someone, do so in a pleasant matter. Don’t be a troll. Don’t be a creep. Treat everyone on this forum like you would a friend or coworker. If you’re a bad egg, you will be suspended or banned.

Staff Announcements

Important posts from the byte team — like this one — will be tagged as an Announcement. These posts are vital and may contain new guidelines for the community. Please read them. At the very least, make sure you are always caught up on all announcements before posting.

Further reading

Here are a few other posts you should read before getting started.

If you’d like details on some of the forum functionality, including trust levels and rate limits, this thread by forum moderator @kaden is helpful.

One more thought

These forums are an experiment in community building and increased transparency between staff and users. We have high hopes, but, like all things on the web, there is always the chance that an idealistic dream can lead to a toxic reality. We’ll do our best to address and fix anything that might throw things off course, but if we ever do reach that point where we feel that things are beyond our control, we might have to end the experiment. That would be very sad. Let’s all try to be decent so that doesn’t happen.