Welcome to Taco Bell, what would you like?

Welcome to Taco Ball, what do you want b?

Please only order things that you can actually eat lmao


Yes can i have tacos please

Well no shit Sherlock

can I have my family back

One egirl please


Nothing. Never been in one, and probably never

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You’re gonna have to order our new Nacho Fries for a limited time only

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What a nerd.

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man I wish i had some mcdonalds today

I can only do diarrhea, is that okay?

It just don’t exist in my country lmao

what a nerdy country

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Can I have a big tasty

Just one with less obesity :man_shrugging: x))

I want tacos now

K how about some Nacho Bell Grande

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Here at Taco Bell we use the freshest ingredients for our food

I heard they made their meat out of animals


I heard they made vegetables out of vegetables

Can I have a bell???

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