Welcome Old viners and Tik Tokers

Today I got a chance to talk to a old viner named (Piques) he grew a loyal following from vine aswell on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. I asked him if he heard of byte? He responded “yes an it’s trash.” I actually convinced him an told him byte Changed itself an it’s a huge difference. He told me he will join the community because vine helped him make his career an now he’s giving byte a chance. I’m saying this because people like him, and huge Tik tokers. We kinda need them to a certain extent! Yes it’s frustrating seeing someone come to our platform that has tons of followers and there’s you with not so much. You get upset but that push of them getting on the app will allow their followers to convert to the app and increase engagement, likes, views or whatever you prefer. We should welcome anyone! For instance just think to yourself. Why did you join byte? If you get frustrated and write not so heart warming comments and say go back to your platform. They will an I sure know I would and that looks bad as a community! We want to be known for being a better community treating everyone with respect! That includes to people with success and no success! We’re a family! And that what matters!


When you said piques. You gave me a heart attack. Good way to build the app up. You’re a soldier even when he said it was trash. You even convinced him. If this is all made up I’m gonna quit byte

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It was on his Tik tok live stream he had 20 people watching. And I straight up comment you join the app byte(vine)


@Alexjakobz I agree with u - I think the community has accept TikTok of recent as just another platform and not so much an adversary.

At first, people didn’t welcome any content that had the essence of TikTok. Personally, I don’t really care what others think so I stuck around but I know a few that just left cause who want to create content on a platform where they are not welcome.

It’s better now - I always said, best we can hope for is to co-exist. There are really good creators that create original content on TikTok - it’s not just dancing and people using other people sounds. It’s about self expression- to some, self expression is dancing or lip syncing.

Remember, content is content and in the social media platform, content is king.

Happy Easter and have a blessed day, Henry :blush:


well i was early adopter on fb, youtube, IG, so I thought why not join byte when it first comes out and make it worth it for me. My main reason for joining byte

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Careful, he’s a hero.

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Isn’t he the guy who demanded 1 million dollars from vine so he can keep posting? :grimacing::grimacing: im all for accepting old viners and tik tokers onto this platform but some need to stay where they are lol I don’t want this wholesome community to get toxic. Stan Sarah Schauer instead:

Proof if you don’t believe me:
Marcus Johns, with 6.1 million followers, and Piques, a Vine star with more than 3.1 million followers, helped organize the meeting. They and their peers had noticed a sharp dropoff in engagement on the app. Johns and Piques owed their fame to the platform, and they were desperate to turn it around.
The stars had a [proposal]: If Vine would pay all 18 of them $1.2 million each, roll out several product changes and open up a more direct line of communication, everyone in the room would agree to produce 12 pieces of monthly original content for the app, or three vines per week.


Encourage anyone from any app big or small… just bringing up Byte in any live chats is a great start. We can all do our bit… im going to start exclusive BYTE only content and direct people on my tiktok to try BYTE or miss out. And when posting bytes on other platforms, making sure the BYTE water mark is on it…


We STAN Sarah Schauer in this community​:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Piques is following me on Twitter let me DM him


tbh i agree on welcoming old viners (i’ve been trying to welcome people for a while), but piques was a very toxic (and disliked) person on :vine:


Exactly! Who cares who it is with them bringing their traffic helps byte save money for partner programs, and less marketing, and where these influencers bring their traffic into the app. Like or hate we need their help or this platform will be where it is right now for little longer. Until we keep using our words, and when byte markets the app.


i agree what bytes really need now is help :))

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Sorry I was trying to help grow the app :(. All I know he was like on Tik tok with 20 people and I had a good chance to ask him. Didn’t know asking a fellow vine star with a following was gonna become a outcome like this. Past or present people like him with a following help us grow. Doesn’t mean you have to support them? The fact they bring people into the platforms is what matters.

I genuinely liked his content back in the day. I’m sorry you disliked his content. Rather you like or hate him. We need big creators on other apps to help byte get that push until they market the app.

I looked up piques on here and it seems like he has not even posted a video. I went onto his Twitter account and he seems to be into strip clubs and profanity not the type of stuff I would like or retweet to my following there. I think @zachking made a pretty good byte. Zach king was able to get 712 likes here on Byte and @piques was only able to get 126 likes on Twitter and he had to film a strip club scene to do that. Can you ask him to make something better on Byte than @zachking? Does he really need to use profanity and strip clubs to get attention?

We need to get over this whole invite the old viners back they know about the app and have chosen to come or not. We don’t need traffic to the app we NEED more content that PEOPLE WANT TO SEE that’s how you drive traffic to the app.

The BYTE team has given us all the tools we currently need to thrive… focus on making jaw dropping content it’s that simple…

The app will grow with amazing creators not us wanting to force traffic by convincing other past creators to hope on the app. That creates an environment of shade and no one wants to feel like they made it only because we convinced past stars to help us out.

BECOME THAT STAR and you’ll drive traffic to the app.

If you’re someone people want to see guess what they’ll keep coming back for more. That’s how you grow an app outside of app development.


Your stuff seems better than old Vine people I have seen. I would prefer @ye coming here with his 28 million followers than a getting all excited over someone with less than 5 million followers on IG but that is just me. You do great work! I think the former Vine people can learn from you.

I agree with you! I’m all for welcoming new people trust me I am (why should I not tbh lol) however one this I feel like we’re forgetting something that Dom said himself, user retention. We can force Byte to everyone if we want however what’s it worth if they’re not staying. Yes the team can absolutely do things to change this problem and they are. HOWEVER it’s not all on them we need to do our part too and make sure we keep pumping out quality content and help build up retention ourselves. And on the subject of quality this is what I mean. If you don’t like what you’re posting why are you even posting it. Quality at the end of the day will vary from creator to creator, so it’s up to you to hone your style.


Your Byte 3D design that I rebyted I rebyted so I can share it with friends of mine. I think you do really awesome work. Your points are all well taken.

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