Weekly Topics

So, my idea was that every week people would vote on a idea. After that idea has been chosen, creators have 1 week to make a vine ,about that idea. People would then again vote but this time on there favourite vine and winner would be featured on the front screen.

I think this could help smaller vinners get more attention. What do you think?


Like the idea, please refer to “vinners” as artists


This would also give a variety of content out there by assigning the topics that you don’t often see, so people create more of those type of videos.

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This idea plus the “swipe feature” idea I mentioned here could work really well

The swipe feature is basically meant to show you random content, and then you swipe right if you like, and swipe left to move on to the next video.

To combine it with weekly topics, instead of having random videos play, it could be the videos made for that weekly topic, and swiping right would vote up, and left would move to next video (or maybe even vote down)


Pretty cool and creative idea, seems like you put a lot of thoughts into it

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That sounds like a fun idea. It’ll definitely help during those times when u can’t think of what to create

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Hmmmm! Cool idea! I believe that we should post at least once a week. But not so much that it’s clogging.

It feels kinda like a contest or something! Trends will present themselves naturally over time but that could be pretty creative! maybe there could be a channel dedicated to creating those ideas or maybe even a team of people and that’s their team’s thing! A cool idea to work with for sure!

Yes, its nice your idea

Grear idea!! This will also give kids more things to talk about at school, which will make the app more popular & known…

Challenges are always a great idea to make sure people don’t forget a out the app, everyone wants to be the best :blush:

That would be really cool to see everyone’s different interpretations of the same topic

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Oh yeah! Like a game ! And their can be a leaderboard at the end shown on this section

I really like it. @dom should check this out