Weekly Topic #0

Hi guys, I’m deen and welcome to Weekly Topic 0. The idea of this event is that every week I will come up with a topic for a Byte and you guys have the opportunity to post your version in this very thread. The topic will range from just general ideas and themes to an object/prop that is required.

Also there will be a Extra Challenge every week, which could be an extra topic/prop you have to add or a specific genre the Byte has to be. These are Extra of course and NOT required.

Of course your Byte doesn’t have to be restricted to one genre. As long as it implements the topic, you are playing along correctly.

The topic of this week is: :black_joker::8ball: Magic :mage:‍♂
The extra challenge is: :bread::croissant: Bread :sandwich::baguette_bread:

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to tag @deen so I can easily find your videos in the app.


Provide a link to an example so the trend can begin. Do the challenge first :clap:t4::pleading_face::rocket:


I’ll try it out myself when I have time (if I have time), but this is open ended anyways. Whatever comes to mind when you think of these things can be an idea :+1:


Makes sense for the creator/founder to start the trend for credit purposes in case if it blows