Weekly Live V2 Coding Sessions!


Just recently @dom tweeted “going to start livestreaming weekly v2 coding sessions the week after next on twitch.” Cick here to view post.

So sometime between the 5th-9th of February he will air live-streams on twitch, here is the twitch account: NewRoyal

This most likely means it wont come out anytime soon since he is sill in the coding phase.

I think it’s really cool that he is showing the public the behind the scenes and that he is hard at work instead of people thinking that he is lazy on the release date. I could also see it as a way to hype the community up because they’ll actually get to see the progress instead of constant updates on twitter.

It’s also a great way to train the future staff members and moderators for the app in its final stage.

What are your thoughts on the live streams?

Doms twitter, Click here
Twitch account, Click here


It’s pretty cool that we get to see the process and the progression of the app, hoping that the coding hasn’t just started and it’s the finishing off stage as it could take a while to be finished. Not complaining, it takes as long as it takes but I can’t wait lol.

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That seems awesome! Especially since I’m majoring in comp Sci in college. Would love to watch and see all that goes into a social media site


Half of the people there are gonna be completely lost in what he’s doing, but hey it’s okay there’s a good learning experience


Yeah overtime I think it will only be people who actually code that will watch since it will probably get boring for the average viewer after the first couple of days.

Lol I made a post about this a while ago…

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Oh, wow just saw it… posted 5 min before mine, I’m sorry. I actually started typing this like 10 min before I posted it, what a coincidence. Sorry man.

It’s good

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So nice of Don haha, I would love to see one when they happen!

So excited for this. It will be a great look into the inner workings of the app.

im so ready for it !!!

True, 100% sure there are gonna be people in the chat spamming ‘V2!!!’ and 'when is v2 coming?!?!?'
I love the excitement but chill lol


some people seriously need to learn how to chill lmao


Right I would hate to be harassed on a daily basis, just let Dom chill and watch his Bollywood movies lol


The livestreaming are great because in twitch Dom can be known for a lot of people

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i am genuinely so annoyed that i have just seen this. i’m a comp sci major as well and i could’ve used it.

has it happened?


not yet… a little behind on this. going to do it soon.


Very cool Dom. Thanks.

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This would be even better if I could code more then just a circle…

But I’m all for it! Hyped!

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thanks, dom! take your time, mate. don’t feel rushed.