Web based viewing of bytes for sharing


I know this has been suggested in other places but this is a slightly different approach. A web interface for Byte will take some time to have it fully functional.

My suggestion is that in the meantime to have a web based page for each byte for sharing, this circumvents the need to encode every time. The page would also have Google Play and App Store links on it to encourage conversion of new users.

Obviously this is just a starting point in order to be able to share bytes without encoding them. A web interface will take time so this is a better starting point. In time this page would be extended with the ability to click a user’s profile from the username, like, comment and rebyte.

I’ve created a simple example page that can be viewed here https://md28.in/byte/demo/post/516500/ to show what I mean.

I just feel like a share link like byte.co/b/516500 would be a better way to share that can also encourage new installs rather than leaving it too late to get that traffic on Byte.

Please leave feedback in the comments on this thread.

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byte.co/b was a thing, it was removed from what I recall from recent posts but I believe it’ll be reimplemented at some point :slight_smile:

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I’ve only just seen this reply, sorry. Do you have a source for this because I’ve seen other people say the same too. Great that they’re adding it.

I have a few links myself, but I believe I’m not supposed to share them yet? (I have no idea if they want me to share a working end link for that, so it’d probably be best I not)

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I don’t think there’s any harm in sharing the links as a reply. I made sure they were on a server and domain I had control over with no ads and SSL etc so there’s no risk from just clicking it. @dom and team are starting work on them tomorrow so they may be looking for inspiration, I did put together my version relatively quickly to serve as a share page while a full web interface is developed.

I’ve just fixed an issue with the styles loading from a different origin within the same Byte directory the https://md28.in/byte/demo/post/516500/ link is working again now.

image the only thing I could find from so long ago regarding /b/ as of current

Thanks for sharing, I’d not seen that before. Definitely close in concept to my version linked in the main post.

The page had the blurple background, it was very very basic. any link I find no longer works

Yeah, I tried it and just got a NodeJS error. They’ll be back soon though.

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