Web App (plus extra characters to make the title long enough to post)

Hey, I’m just up at 1 am unable to sleep, wondering if there is any possibility of a web app in the future? I feel like it’d make byte stand out over TikTok and another short-form video competitors.

It’s mostly a selfish request as I’m always on my computer and would love just to open a tab instead of having to go all the way over to my phone (yes I’m very lazy).

Please give me a website that I can scroll through categories and watch videos when there’s nothing else to watch on YT, Netflix or Twitter.

Alright, I’m going to go to sleep now.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!


This plzzzzzzzzz. We’re already halfway there with like byte.co/gopysyk.


Right! I just want to be able to scroll endlessly through profiles and to check out the other tabs.