#wearebyte and tag a creator on this tweet

Okay, so I woke up this morning and noticed that content creators have been just tweeting their names with no context whatsoever. I think this is a test of sorts to see if they can say their names like to see which content creator would get in on the fun. So I had a good idea to get you guys in on the fun as well to kind of show these content creators who we are and we can join in on the fun to. We haven’t had a community event like this in a while and I know this just popped up randomly but it seems like a great opportunity to share a trend with other creators on other platforms and spread our wonderful byte community spirit.

So basically here are ideas guy can do to get in on the action and you don’t have to do everything on this list

  1. Mention a favorite creator of yours
  2. add a favorite byte of you favorite creator
  3. just tweet you name only on your own profile to see what happens
  4. use hastag #wearebyte in your comment or tweet
  5. tag to official byte handle like byte, byte creators or byrt lol
  6. have fun and be polite and if this idea works I would love to see us do more events like this engaging with other creators on other platforms to get them to know who we are better! :smiley:

Okay so I have started tagging creators in one tweet to get the train started. But if I haven’t tagged you here is the link to some tweets.

This is just a test like I had something planned with #wearebyte split into 2 pts. pt 1 is doing something other content creators are doing like team trees trend or whatevs but I guess this is happening now so pt 1 is happening now lol. Remember to have fun and be nice and rep byte the best you know how and do anything on the list I gave or do something different if you have in mind! Good luck I will be commenting some more myself. Who knows maybe #wearebyte will trend but I doubt it.


this is still worth a shot. Still it would be better if someone like her woud a download link on her IG story for byte. Defintelh would attract more users

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Yeah ikr. Apparently she has a byte account I think but it doesn’t post content. Also would be nice if she recognized us as fellow creators too. but thats just me.

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we’ll see in due time is all I can say