We Should Bring Back The Vine Trends. 🔥

We Should Bring Back the Vine Trends, I personally Think that this will help Byte and also I think that those trends are going to be something again :fire:.

This is going to reach more people on the app and creators from Tik Tok are going to love this as well as they are going to download the app and they are going to start to make content on Byte, Hopefully. Specially those Influencers who where something back on Vine.

This is an important opportunity for those who are new creators on Byte as i could talk about me.

Let’s make Byte Greater than Tik Tok, lets Build this app better than before.
Byte is the New :ocean:.


Which trends are you referring to? most trends don’t last longer than one year and vine has been gone for a while. I think it would be important to start NEW trends as social media is constantly changing and in order to encourage virality people will probably want to see something they have never seen before.


Smack Cam for example or WHAT ARE THOSE?” or Just Girly Things. Or I’m in love with the Coco". , ‘Whip’ and 'Nae Nae, ect…

You have to agree that no one is using this app because everyone is using Tik Tok.
If we make those trends a thing again, some of the Ex Viners are going to come back, and this is going to help the app grow in a lot of ways.

But I also agree with you, let’s make new trends, but I personally think that in order to make new trends, let’s start with the old trends.

I like the enthusiasm, but those trends are kind of stamped in time. A lot of people will see it as cringy if we try to revive them. Plus, byte needs to earn its own identity


I agree that Byte needs to have its Identity, but you have to agree that dom Hoffman created this app to Remake Vine.

True true.

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I think he created this app because he wanted a platform where people were free to be themselves and be creative. If I’m being honest most of the old popular viners probably wont go back to short form content as they have since progressed their career into longer content and different creative facets. I think creating trends is necessary to encourage more user engagement but I do think the ones you mentioned are kind of…over and done with (like ‘what are those’ was really driving into the ground of over use lmao)? But maybe kids are the demographic you are going for? in that case- smack cam could do okay.


Creating hashtags that users can hop onto is a great idea, but lets progress forward and think of some new ones. I have noticed more hashtag video contests on the app as well - like LNBB and ginger’s new loop contest. So I think encouraging more of those is key right now- especially with the size that the community is currently.


Creators and brand hashtags will return in order to bring back hashtag trends to gain viral thanks to a new poll.

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Ohhh no please no goodness noooo

I agree with you, on the other hand you told me that the Ex Viners are making Long Form content and I see that, but I Also see their Content on Tik Tok as I can talk about King Bach, Logan Paul and his brother Jake, Jerry Purpdrank, piques, Juanpa Zurita, Amanda Cerny and Lele Pons and so many others that are currently in Tik Tok and we have to Change that out and bring them to join Byte.

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As great as it would be to see some of those users on byte (not the controversial ones in the list you mentioned tho haha, and I’m pretty sure lele said no…this was months ago tho so I’m not sure if her stance has changed) I think its important to cultivate a new user presence as a lot of ex viners have already come and gone (aaron doh, cody ko, jason nash, jasminator, victor pope jr and zach piona barely post, etc) If they join byte its gotta be their choice because they see the potential in the app. But I think its more important to focus on the new creators right now who bring something new to the table.


That is also a great idea, but let’s create all types of trends that are going to help byte on the :ocean:.

I agree with you and I’m also working on making Content here, where I’m planning to make content as content more related to Vine, I don’t know if that is going to work, but I’m going to try that out and see if it works.

On the other hand We can also understand That this app is new, maybe on a future the Ex Viners are going to come back and join this 0.2 :ocean:

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We can’t keep living in the past. Honestly, if we were all to bring those trends back, it would be super cringe. Ex-Viners would not come back. And in my honest opinion, I hope this idea never comes to fruition. Smack cam? Whip and nae nae? Oh no, just please, no.


Well bro I respect your opinion. :man_shrugging:

In reference to your two deleted comments before this reply… WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE? :joy:

Yes, I do care. Are you trolling me? :thinking:

No bro, I was just thinking on what to put you, and I created comments that I decided to delete them and make a better one.

Which is exactly what we should do here in this situation. Delete the old Vine ideas and make a better one. :ok_hand:t2:

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