We should all just chill out

We are always talking to Dom directly. He is very busy and he is trying to get the app up as soon as he can. I think we should just chill out on trying to talk to him directly. He knows we all want the app but relentlessly talking to him won’t make it happen. I’m not saying stop talking but slow down on talking to him directly. I think it would be a great help to Dom if we slowed down a bit. Like I said, don’t stop, just slow down.


tRUE stUFF. No printer just fax (facts) :wink:


I agree, it’ll be good for Dom to not rush the app. If he does there’s gonna be a lot of flaws in the app. It’s good if we just chill and let Dom do Dom. It’ll be here eventually, and when it does get here, it’ll be awesome!!!


We, lol?