We need to make byte popular!

I have been on this app for 2 months, and I’ve gained many followers. I would like to bring more people on this app, so, one: I can get more people on my mix page. 2: I can gain more followers and awareness. 3: I would like to well-known. If you guys want these things, then let’s brainstorm way to bring awareness to Byte!!


Lots of people have posted similar forum entries, but this wins the prize for the most honest. :laughing: Perfect.


Hey I’m new to byte not sure how I can grow

Just post whatever it’s how I’ve been slowly growing since July


Like I mean ideas that just pop in to your mind without thinking that much

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I agree. I don’t have that many likes and comments on my content, but I’m not complaining.

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Thanks you friend

First of all, don’t post hashtags like #followme or #trending or stuff like that. That will make you look desperate.

Second, now I’m not that guy who would give people advice, but consider being on the Spotlight page or the Your MIx page as a reward. That’s only for people who put extreme amounts of effort into their stuff. Since you’re starting out, just film stuff. Record what you see and think. In other words, post whatever pops in of your head. Got an idea or in my case already pictured what the final product is going to look like. Just pick up your camera and start shooting. Again, this is a big community, it’s hard to get noticed trust me (I laterally had to delete some of my stuff because they weren’t getting that many likes). But that’s progress. Just like learning to draw or learning to cook, we got to start small and work ahead.

BTW, since you’re new here, consider following this person @ekWatson

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You think you’re slick huh with that follow this person. I like that and I will follow you :smirk:. Also the advice you gave was very good I like the way you value your art and the art produced in the app. You’ll go far


Just like and rebyte everyone’s posts, they’ll follow you back if you spam like most of the time!

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Do It for the Byte :zombie:‍♂

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Why thank you.

we need to tell people we know about byte, byte doesnt advertise because they rely on users telling others to join