We need more challenges on hashtag

We need more challenges like #bytefighter
It gives every single person a chance to be viral on byte as I saw some creators who have around 20-30 likes are getting 200-270 likes which is absolutely amazing. If we make more hashtag challenges like this we are going to be more fast growing then any other platform. Like one challenge daily. If you don’t know how this challenge work here is the one I made check it out for example Byte


Change to #promote-yourself

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Wouldn’t make since to recategorize as its just a general statement @Pac

If I did something similar to this then my topic change to #promote-yourself :man_shrugging:t4: I’m assuming it should be under #promote-yourself because his video is linked.

I find this topic clickbait while expecting a long statement instead of a short line…just my opinions. I could be wrong… If I am then I learned something new.

cc @ceduh

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Mmm you are correct. That hyperlink didn’t show up for me at first. Ill place it in the correct category. @Pac

Recategorized for incorrect posting.

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Promote pac :joy: every time I open the community page it’s you always sometimes gives us a chance don’t take all the credit always :cry:

Nah, I’m good :sweat_smile::rofl:…but I’ll take that as a compliment. I don’t claim credits, that’s false in your narrative!

There is a mute thing available in the setting, it’ll hide all my post so you can avoid my post :slightly_smiling_face:

cc @Furkanaibani

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No my brother I don’t want to hide you. You are the one who supported me from the start. I am just saying that you should give everyone a chance and be little lenient on others

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All love :handshake:

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All love

I know there are other forums similar topic to your idea. Yes, cool example you’ve provided which there are many videos that’s out there as well


Thanks to @imrdavis for this brilliant idea, it has brought the community together!

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