We need more bytes videos from byte

I would genuinely love to see more videos uploaded by byte themselves, I think the last one they upload was 4 months ago could be wrong. With that said I think the byte community as a whole we benefit and really enjoy watch videos from byte themselves. what do you guys think


Would be interesting to see them upload more but i think they dont really want to bother you with bytes and let you do the exploring yourself.

Its kinda like most people dont watch YouTube videos from YouTube (except Rewind) and most people don’t follow Twitter on Twitter. Its about exploring others than what the company puts out.

But it would be interesting if it were like snapchat where you only really see stuff for holidays and new features. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


There are 2 official byte accounts, one of which uploaded something right at launch


I definitely see your point and mostly agree, I mostly interested because byte is so new I really think it would be interesting seeing them grow over time and them putting out at least 1 byte a week. I think as a whole it would just help the community connect better because now we can relate to the app a bit more people we watching them grow as we do as well.


I agree, but, I think the videos posted by the Byte account should be tutorial videos that help new users learn how to use the app.


True but i also love seeing what the byte team is up to! I love them

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