We must embarrass t-series once again

HEY! what up guys @Grunt and I are going live again tomorrow at 1pm EST for 10 hours and listen to Pewdiepies new song Congratulations ( The war isn’t over) LETS GET PEWDS TO 100 MILLION SUBS FIRST ! COME FIGHT THE WAR WITH US AND WATCH THE STREAM FROM ONE OF OUR PERSPECTIVES !!! DONT FORGET SUB 2 PEWDIEPIE


Come support the 9 year old army!




bro army unite #bytefam

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BAHAHHAHA the du rag is killing me

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9 year olds assemble

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We are the #bytefam and we are doing our part :cowboy_hat_face:

I have no doubt in my mind pewds will get to a 100 million followers, but imagine when he gets to a billion. That means 1/7 of the whole world is subscrbied to him

I doubt that is going to happen in his lifetime!

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Never say never. He might be the first one.

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