We don’t need competition (OEVO)

So I’ve been hearing a lot about this new app,OEVO. I looked it up on Google and it doesn’t sound too good. It’s just another ripoff. Everyone knows v2 is in the works so I don’t think anyone would settle for anything less. @dom , you don’t need to worry about it. We’ll have your back. And if the OEVO spy is reading this, DUDE,seriously?!


‘If an oevo spy is readin this, DUDE, seriously?’ - it’s the equivalent to you searching for OEVO on google… Let’s not get crazy now…


Yeah I don’t like oevo. They completely ripped off the whole idea from Dom and the other founders.

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Literally admitted to launching the app really quick because they were scared of competition - v2. :joy:


I have no idea what your talking about, Dom invited them on here and publicly said he was helping them. No idea what your talking about lol

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I haven’t seen any posts made by Dom saying he endorses or works with or likes OEVO. All he said was to check out other apps.

If he wanted them gone he would’ve plus he said he’s helping the other apps and their the main ‘other app’ knowing Dom he would’ve invited them here in good faith and they apologized when they were on here.

There’s only so much you can glean about OEVO from hearing people talk bad about it online, but as someone who’s been with OEVO since early March, I can say that it’s actually a GREAT experience! You could call it a rip-off, but the coin-gifting system is a gimmick with HUGE potential, especially when the app finishes its beta development phase and takes off…

If you have 1000 followers and they each give you 100 coins, that’s $1000 in your bank account right there JUST from making videos your supporters enjoy! Of course, you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you join now and start engaging with the small community of rising creators before the app takes off and it becomes harder for you to get noticed… Bugs be damned, the app is way better than it was two months ago, and it’s going to be INFINITELY better in a few months from now!


Yea, the developers seem to be quite generous with their content creators. That was a huge problem the original had. But yea they seem to be an app on the rise. My user is: thegonzexx :wink: