We can mold Byte's reputation

Hey y’all,

So I was thinking right, when the beta releases the select few users on the app will be able to mold the reputation of v2. And I think it’s really important that this reputation is a good one.

For example, if you look at TikTok (another video sharing app) it’s clear that it has a sh*tty reputation. The content on the app tends to be cringy and it’s everyone’s favourite thing to hate at the moment.

In my opinion we need to make sure that v2 basically does not turn into TikTok which (highkey) has a toxic community. This means it is up to us how the public views v2 when it’s released publicly. Let’s not disappoint.

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byte’s reputation can go either way really, if it goes well thats purely up to how creative and interesting the users are, but it’s also likely that many users will try and replicate vine’s content without much innovation, leading it to be boring, recycled, uninventive content.


true, I really hope the content won’t be old vines remade though


i totally agree!!

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Yeah, you’re totally right! We need to help shape the app to be what we really want it to become, and that starts with the community.

(also u can retitle it as Byte now :smile:)

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