We are currently quite a small community

Currently we are currently quite small, I’d say not many people know that V2 exists, any ideas on how to get people to join the discord and forums? :smiley: (If this is in the wrong catagory then plz move it :D)


Tough call on the topic category. I’ve change it to hype. As far as the community size, it’s a work in progress. :slight_smile:


That will all change once the app is released, I can guarantee that 100%. To give you an example, the hype was basically dead a few weeks ago, however there was a fake app called ‘v*** 2’ that was randomly released and it was trending on the app store. It wasn’t even made by the rightful owners and it still was trending. I think our community will be quite small to begin with but once it releases many people will come to the app and it will become big again. V*** is iconic its a well recognized name and concept. The hype will be unreal once an actual date is confirmed. And tbh is probably better this way for now, whens theres a small community like this everyone gets to know each other and once the app is released we will have all these connections and we will all follow each other and essentially get a head start.


Agreed in some ways!

i didnt know they had a discord :0 can u send the link please?


https://youtu.be/XkAF0KBbX5Y Link in description :smiley:

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thank you!

Considering we have thousands and thousands of users, I’d say we’re doing pretty great!

Don’t forget, we’re still growing.


Honestly if it’s the forums I’d wager a lot of us here are creators, I knew a lot of people who had the vine app so they could watch vines from people and not watch youtube compilations. shrugs I think things will start to kick off when an app is available and it’s viewable online from either the app or thought a website like Vine used to be.

Hey @RioIsHere from discord