Ways to make 30 bucks

Hi guys, I need your help with finding ways to earn 30 bucks each month and I want to try them all so I can share my experiences and the results :slight_smile: #V2Love

Like online ways ? Isn’t it more efficient to find a job? You will make way more than 30 a month :wink:

Sell your stuff on eBay, do the Amazon Fulfillment Program or be like Elon Musk and sell hats and flamethrowers


Is this online or can it also be physical labor?
Is there anything you’re good at?

You could possibly sell logos or website designs if you’re good at that.
You could also go down to a nearby construction crew and ask to speak with the manager, they might give you a day job for some money or offer to wash cars or shovel drive ways or mow lawns. There’s a lot lol…

You could mug somebody. That’s pretty easy and you’d make a heck of a lot more than 30 bucks a month. Although it is illegal so I don’t recommend it.


Rob a bank monthly. You could probably get a little than 30 per month. High risk equals high reward! :laughing:

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I already have job and it could be an irl thing too, I would like to earn 30bucks more each month to buy two books.

Okay I’m going to sell on eBay, I don’t know what the fulfillment program is but I will look into it :slight_smile:

Humm :thinking: you can sell things online, cut the grass of your neighbors, be a babysitter or wash cars. These ideas can be done when you are under -18 (or -21 in America) instead if you are older you have infinite possibilities

I make quite a bit reselling on eBay

How do I start doing that?


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Online surveys? I know some will pay you to do them

Buy in bulk from wholesalers, I usually order a few items just to see if they sell then buy maybe 20 or even just look around your house for things you don’t use anymore

Save up water bottles, soda cans and glass bottles and then go Recycle them at a station, idk how much they paw you in your state but in California its 5 cents for every water bottle but its more for glass bottles.

Which ones do you recommend? I find that most often I signup but I don’t gwt any surveys

Idk tbh lol I don’t use them, I just know that some will pay you

Ah okeyy, will look into them, thanks!

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How do you make money with the fees they add

Yeah they are stupid now, I have to sell so much to make it worthwhile. I’m a business seller so I’m not sure if the fees are less for me?

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