Ways to bring more creatives to Byte: What is your best idea?

One of my best ideas for drawing in more creatives?

Have Lamborghini give a car away for the top content creator on Byte:

One of my personal favorites would be Lamborghini because I think if Byte could give a free Lambo to the top creator here I think that could draw in more creative talent from other social media platforms.

What idea do you have that you think could draw in more creators from other social media platforms?

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Uh oh, Tesla.

I think the hype train and trends attract people, maybe well-known celebrities. (let’s not forgot about $ too :eyes:)


Shit, I’d be happy if they gave me $500 a month so I could buy groceries. :rofl: I would love a Tesla though. A Lamborghini May look a bit out of place in my neighborhood of retired Air Force.


I’m with @Pac & @allintheory, a Telsa would be solid. Plus I could see Tesla & Elon doing something like that before Lamborghini would. Just from a marketing perspective. But yea, any kind of “give away” or prize would be really rad.

I think once we are a couple “pools” into the creator program, that’ll gain some attention and attract more people to the platform.


Tesla? Jack Ma donated 500,000 Corona Virus test kits to the US. Will Elon respond and double that number or something? Did you see Elon Musk debate Jack Ma?

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I think Elon Musk is good friends Jack Dorsey of Twitter.

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I’m not sure how that relates but Elon Musk is always tweeting weird/random things. He started a company just to dig underground tunnels & sold (not technically) flame throwers. He’s just a wacky dude with a (seemingly) decent sense of humor.


I feel maybe something grand that will attract people attention to the app…i mean im not good with coming up with ideas but yea or maybe posting byte on other social media platforms…


Don’t come for Elon Musk… (its his money he can do whatever you can’t change the subject and drag Corona Virus.)


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Ways to edit videos in app

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