Watermarks and a practical application

Many people discussed watermarks for v2, but by having a non-intrusive watermark it could just be cropped out… How do we combat this?

You may know that in Netflix’s new update they made it so screenshots and screen recordings made the media turn black in the photos app later, we could use this in v2, when you record or screenshot a semitransparent watermark that covers the whole vine becomes visible, it would still be watchable but could say THIS VINE WAS CREATED BY: [Insert Profile Name Here]
During typical use of v2 (watching Vines casually) a smaller watermark would be in the lower corner and would be non-intrusive, but when the app detects screenshots or screen recording a very intrusive watermark would render the vine unable to be reposted.


I actually do like this because it combats stealing others videos, and it solves the watermark problem that has been discussed!

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Thanks for your feedback!

Interesting. I would love to hear more opinions about this.

I feel like the revine/repost option would be best because and it would help all those problems and it would let you grow your audience easier if people repost a v2 post

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This is about combatting people who take other people’s vines and pass them off as their own by screen capturing it then posting it on their own account and not crediting the original creator.
Yes revine is a wonderful thing and it shouldn’t go anywhere but we need something to make sure that no one rips off anyone else’s content!

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True, in that case a small watermark in a corner or something if you screen record would be perfect. I don’t want the watermark to be annoyingly big because then v2 compilations on YouTube wouldn’t work. Most compilations give credit and they got a ton of views on YouTube that grew the accounts that got featured and grew the vine app itself.

This has already been discussed but let me say, watermarks won’t do anything, a good report button will.

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Apple does the same with their movies and documentaries on on iTunes and iPhone. It works well because of the blackened idea. And for the reason, I support 100%

Loving this idea 2000%

YouTube vine compilations only became popular after Vine was shutdown, I don’t think v2 is going anywhere anytime soon. If you want to see a certain v2 star’s vines use v2, if you want to see old Vines use YouTube, those aren’t watermarked.

I think this great but better have an option for using it or nah when vine/video going to upload.