Watch videos before you like them

I’ve said this before, but if you’re liking jokes about running over protestors, you need to do better.


why was this in #hype? :eyes:

changed to #general-discussion :v:t3:

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People are just going on liking spree‘s or using bots to gain followers, etc.

on the other hand if I seen one of your posts I am inclined to like it before I watch the entire thing because I know I will love it…b/c you make content I really enjoy. And I think that happens a lot with other people and creators that they like/follow.


:pleading_face:awww thanks, to the second part.
Yeah, I hope that nobody I follow would post content like that.

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Videos load EXTREMELY SLOW for me . I just trust my mix to do better at this point :crying_cat_face:

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