Watch V***s? Create V***s? Both?

Creator hands down. I have a notepad of ideas lol

I’m most likely doing both just for the fun of it

I would love to do both tho :slight_smile:

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i want to watch them more than create, but making a few will be fun

I’d like to do both :,)

I want to create but you can’t be a good creator if you don’t watch. All creators must watch

Both! :smiley:

Same i want to do both

Both for sure

Both both both :lollipop::full_moon_with_face::yellow_heart:

Create and Support

Create and watch. Depends on the mood of the day :joy:

From reading this there is gonna be heaps of creaters and fewer watchers

I don’t know much about these vines… Can someone help me in this? Like how to make vines and all…

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