“Watch More” Feature

Towards the end of V¡ne’s lifecycle, a feature was rolled out that enabled artists to attach longer videos to their V¡nes.

Their V¡ne then acted as a trailer, for the longer content that would play when a user tapped “Wach More”.

This feature reinvigorated the languishing V¡ne community when it was released, and had potential to save V¡ne from the Twitter guillotine. With V¡ne even using it to launch Original Series like “Camp Unplug”.

Adding this feature into V2 would give artists who create “longer-form” online content a platform for their videos, and would capture a portion of the creators who are leaving YouTube due to their frustration with the platform’s censorship, demobilization and deletion or their videos.

In addition, the opportunity for a longer video to be attached to your V2 vids would give artists the ability to expand their characters or concepts into longer-form executions, leading to more creativity and potential for great art!!

No No No. That feature did not invigorate Vine at all, actually. Vine only added that near the end because it was in a downward spiral. It didn’t do anything to improve the app or experience, I rarely ever watched the longer videos.

I hope V2 will stick to the 6.5 second video length, and from what Dom has said, that’s exactly what it will be. If you want to post longer videos, there are a host of other services that already offer that.

“No. No. No.”
Well, thanks for being open minded. Haha.

What I am suggesting here is an OPTIONAL feature, that artists could choose to use at their own discretion. You don’t HAVE TO click Watch More, and they wouldn’t HAVE TO add longer videos to their V2s.

Your personal preference against the longer videos does not prove that they are inherently unvaluable.

On the last day of V¡ne, Brandon Calvillo posted the most beautiful 4 minute video titled, “The End”, in which he said a tearful goodbye to the app that helped raise him from a boy to a man.

I cried. A lot of us cried. That moment would not have been possible if not for the Watch More feature.

Options are always beneficial. They are not mandatory, and preference is different than value.

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Tbh. I don’t like the idea. I love my 6.5 seconds videos. But I think you can just show a part of a longer Youtube video con V2 and put the link on Bio or Caption. If it even lets you go to the link.

What made Vine unique (and popular) was short looping videos. There would be nothing unique about making longer videos that can be posted on dozens of other services.

Dom has already committed to the 6.5 second video length. Who knows, maybe he’ll add the longer length, too. But I hope not, otherwise Instagram will just kick V2’s ass in that arena.

How can you state this so unequivocally? Your bio says you joined Vine in January 2014, which was 9 months after V¡ne first blew up.

I was there from the get-go, making the most popular vines on the platform with a small group of comedians. V¡ne gained massive popularity from its CONTENT, not the novelty of its tech. There were many apps trying to be the Instagram of Video in 2013.

The CONTENT that brought such a massive community to the app were Comedy videos, which was not the intended use of the artsy, stop-motion app Twitter originally bought.

Since the moment Instagram enable video in June of 2013, a platform that allows sub-15 second videos was no longer “unique”. Plus, V2 is literally a resurgence of a dead app, if they were trying to be “unique”, they would not be recreating the 6-second loop format.

Professional content creators, who create every day for a living, want the option to use their videos cross-platform. There are only so many hours in a day, and if your app allows creators to feed in videos from elsewhere in their social ecosystem, then you become a value add to them, not a silo that they need to create specifically for.

If you really want to debate this, I will happily weigh the pros and cons with you. But as you have not responded to any of my previous points, I will assume you’re just here to say things.

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