Was their hype for V***?

Did Vine have a forum and were people expecting and excited for Vine to come out like for v2 or was Vine just an app that exploded unexpectedly?


It didn’t have a forum as far as I know.
Vine just exploded by itself

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Vine kinda came out of nowhere, so there wasn’t much hype.


There are not many people in the forum, so I think it will explode on its own. Compared to all the users who had Vine, we are not even a quarter

How many people are even on this forum? :sweat_smile:

10,000+ users

Ah, decent

10596 Users


Ahh, tyty

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I don’t remember there being any kind of hype prior but it eventually kind of just came out of nowhere.

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I think it was sudden hype. Just as sudden as the announcement was.