WANTED: YouTube Channel Graphics and Music (have top priority in byte comps!)

EditI found what I needed
Hey everyone, I’m looking for somebody (or some people) who are willing to create a snappy graphic and catchy tune for the intro and outro of my Byte comps on my BestOfBytes YouTube channel. I hope that the channel will be successful and in return you will be credit in every video they’re used in and I’ll give highest priority to several of your Bytes in any comp they fit in. Please PM if interested or send an Instagram message to @thebestofbytes

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I can do some basic motion graphics, so as long as you aren’t looking for anything like 3D or overly complex I could help out! You can check my Instagram story highlights @socially_lissie or my YouTube channel Socially Lissie for some of my work.

We all know that a shout out (even in every video) is gonna result in nothing, if you are going to leech and make money with others people content be A. Willing to pay B. Learn it yourself.

I make Byte comps as well, also edit for some youtubers and honestly, an in and outro is made in 10 minutes even if you have never worked with the software before.

This is just my opinion from experience, i hope everything will work out for you. Goodluck.

Thanks for your info! I honestly don’t have that much time and I also wanted to give the opportunity for people to be able to grow their bases (I’m also offering top priority to be in the comps so it’s not just a shout out :wink: I’m honestly not trying to be a leach.

I wasn’t asking for music in any Bytes btw, I was asking for it for YouTube. But I think I’ll just make it myself :wink:

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OOoooh my fucking god I am so sorry! I misread the whole thing! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Damn rip me. LOLOLOL

You can do it, trust me. The first comp is going to be a little hard but eventually you get the hang of it and make one in 20 minutes or less.

No problem :joy::joy: I appreciate your work to keep us on the right side of the law though

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Thanks! I’m hoping it works out :blush: