Want to host a fact on my byte account? Spots are open

Hello, I am Dale. I make EDU bytes with fun facts. I am looking for people who would like to host a fact on my account!

Who is eligible:
Anyone who has posted a video within the last 2 weeks.
Really what I care about is a good fact! If you need some help and really want to work with me, I can brainstorm with you.

It’s okay if you hosted last time. If you want to try again, show me what you got.

What kind of fact:
So long as it would be appropriate for school children. No swearing in the script. Nothing too morbid, sexual, or offensive. I am open to just about anything, but will let you know if there is a problem.

I will try to keep hosts with a similar topic for a fact spaced out if I can.

How to make the video:
If you want me to do the editing, PLEASE film it in landscape mode, not portrait mode. This --, not this I.
That said, you are welcome to do the editing and can make it look how ever you want.
People who do their own editing will have priority!

I can make music for the video ether way too.

You can email me the footage/video.

I have been really caught up with this Covid 19 mess, and plan on doing collaborations once again in a few weeks. I will be doing another round of 25 and will start once I get around fact 150. (I’m at 130 at the moment, and post a fact once a day)

There are three people who have given me fact videos,
@jessfrombyte @Beegenics and @redubbed (He has not posted in a while though).

The first two will be in the line up, and redubbed just needs to be active.

Finally, there are people who wanted me to work with them for Bytes on their own account. I will get on that in a few days, but you can ask here too if you would like.

You can DM me a fact or post it here, does not matter. There is not a first come first server, I will be shuffling people around. If you do DM me, post that you did so bellow to help bump this topic and to remind me if I look back here.

Spots available 23/25


You mean the fact that the Talmud says that using a body to carry bread or a child on shabbat gives you the right to move the body is not an acceptable fact? Darn.
(I’m interested. I would likely do a nature or food related fact as it would be #onbrand)


Plz think put me on list

:flushed: NeefFact


I would love to! I’m DMing you the fact now!

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Put me down broski :muscle:t4:

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Ooh cool I’d like to do one! Where would we sync up about what is your email/date you need the vid/if you approve the fact?

Oh I want to do a fact so bad! I’ll DM you with a fact I find here shortly!!

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I’m so down!! Recording it now

I DM’d on discord but idk if that was the right platform to DM. Oop. Guess I’ll find out soon enough

Put me on this list! I’ll make one related to Black Holes or Quasars

Omg me pls if there’s still room :innocent:

Ok! DM’d! I’ll send you a video shortly!!

I know you’ll be tempted to say “it doesn’t matter”, but are you looking for just a fact from someone or would you prefer if I recorded it and sent you it via email/dm?

I would love to host one!!! I’m gonna get on this right away!!

I’d love to

NOTE: You get on the list once your fact has been approved. If you need help finding a fact, let me know. :wink:

@gwynerso lol, yeah being on brand is important! lol. There are a lot of options with food and nature. Feel free to get back to me.

@Lacieyl Because of your last min save back when, I don’t mind helping you out! :wink:

@neefy You are more than welcome to host! Let me know if you want help finding a fact.

@AmericasComic Okay, I will keep an eye out!

@dannis_singh Let me know if you want help if you want to look around a bit. There is plenty of time.

@verena IG, Twitter, or even here. DM me where ever. I will send you my email once we pick a fact!

@ZacMcMillan Sure thing! I will take a look when I see it. No major rush though.

@ActionJaxon02 Let me know the fact first! That way it’s worked out before you put too much work into yet.

@konoDavidDa Nice! Space facts are awesome! DM when you find a fact you want to talk about.

@rommie Feel free to DM me here when you have a fact or if you need any help finding one! :slight_smile:

@Beeshrine Haha, I want people to host it. To record themselves saying it and sending it to me! We have to talk about the fact first though.

@AntinnyWorld Sure, DM me when you would like to talk about a fact!

@LeaElizabeth Sure! Feel free to DM when you have a fact or would like some help.


Hey would love to get in on this if possible. Already have a ton of fun facts stored away I can take from

“A single windshield or window frame from a boeing 747 400’s cockpit costs as much as a BMW”


Ok I just DMed you on here :blush: