Want to be famous?

I have read so many threads now where people try to find solutions and shortcuts to become famous on V2 through this forum. Feel like people need to stop asking for attention and fame. Create good original content and upload frequently and you will get the attention you’re worth. You’re not worth it if you expect you to get it just because you’re in this forum. Peace out :v:


Preach it puddin’! :smile: I’m one of these people who believe that everything happens for a reason so I believe that the people who are supposed to make it will make it


Thank you :clap:t3: - you can’t use shortcuts to be famous, all you need is good content and people will recognize you for it.


Agreed 100%


Or if anyone wants a detailed version on how to grow your account.


Why do you need to know “how to grow” on social media?
Is that why you creating content, just to get followers? Create videos and content because you love doing that.

I understand if you have a business and want to grow on social media to get more customers. But that should not be the reason for making videos on your personal page, then you’re just fake.


Yassss those are some fine words of wisdom right there :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Say it louder for the people in the back


How does that make you fake? Most people use their personal account as a business account and want to grow. Many people do this


My bad, I see your point

The question is if you do whatever it takes to get fame and growth or doing what you love :man_shrugging:
I think people are focusing on the wrong thing, growth.

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“Create good original content and upload frequently and you will get the attention you’re worth.”

I spent a couple years having this mentality. Believe me, the only thing this mindset is going to do for you is make you frustrated and depressed. Marketing is an essential part of creating if you want to have any tangible return from your effort. Conflating that with narcissism may feel cathartic but it isn’t based on a lot.

It also isn’t true that people get the attention they’re “worth.” People don’t succeed in the order of who’s the most talented or who’s creating art the most often; they succeed by branding and marketing themselves effectively. You need to find your audience and figure out how to get their eyes on your material, not post endlessly into the void on the vague notion that “you will get it if you deserve it.” otherwise, you’re gonna be showing your super good original content to few other people than yourself.


Honestly in this day and age growth is only motivating people, since they’re getting stuff out of it, money, sponsorships etc.


I see where u coming from, I agree with you.

What I mean is that people on this forum is literally begging to be in the spotlight. That’s not the mindset, most of them want their followers before they even start posting.

Marketing is a major key, for sure.

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Dragged damn near everyone on these forums lmaoo


I’d like to say, making videos on social media to get famous isn’t ‘fake’. There isn’t any policy saying ‘You should only use social media for fun’.

I do partially do agree with your first point. There are so many people on these forums saying that they’re creating content for fun and they don’t care about fame/money, yet they’re on these types of topics. It’s usually the people who feel the need to keep re-iterating the point that they’re ‘doing it for fun’ that are actually the ones in it for the fame.


See your point, ”fake” might be the wrong word

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The way to get a following is by being consistent with uploads and loyal to your fans, don’t do it just for fame and money. Most artists become popular because their fans notice their passion for what they can do. If you enjoy creating short clips for entertainment, you will find an audience.


Exactly. Majority of the people who are big do not do it ONLY for fun. No need to bash them when you will see why they do so. @pontus.


of course not, but they probably do whatever they do because they have an interest in that specific area. am I right?

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Yeah, i think the same, They do not have to want to be famous, they have to find a way to make a great content.
Fame is a consequence